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Mark Goyena says:

OJ is it okay to have same email address for coinpayment and your other bitcoin wallet ? Im using same on my both account.

george oliver says:

lol, I dont get how you got your id number to put into my24, I dont know how to fund my coinpayments. All yu have done is show how to fund when everything is set up. you dont explain why coinpayments? You dont explain why Bitcoin? Im so lost here. once i learn how to do all this i will make a step by step video on how to use these coins.

Rayan Mogadour says:

Please i need your help
I'm a very poor man and I don't have a job and even health conditions do not allow me to work., I'm diabetic led me to a kidney disease and to heal the two diseases so expensive processing fees. This is why I need your help to pay the Bills for treatment and medication. I ask you to look at my case a human look and not look ethnic. Thanks for the help and please wish me the healing of your heart and I also thank that couldn't help me but he regrets that he cannot help me. Thank you to all the world.
This is my wallet xapo for help

Julian Suarez says:

does your coinbase ewallet address changes? because main did in my account

Cryptocurrency_Erik DLC says:

This is the best program and trusted adm, like MyPA. Thank you Jordan!! I have been using a very good team building system with TIPS and tutorial videos and weekly hang out that help me out growing my team from 3 to 27 active members in a couple of weeks. Thanks again and lets's keep on building this awesome program.

E Mo says:

oj hi i need to know how i use my earning balance to get add packs with so how to move it to cash balance ? i need to compound

Sweetcracks says:

what will be the process of withdrawal i have account in Unocoin??

leng chhay says:

earn money by 3% daily Minimum 10$ life time deposit, visit here

nmgbede agada says:

i have a wallet on can i use it?

Lonnie Zastrow says:

Thank you for this video

perfectly X says:

Anyone who wants to REGISTRE in the site FROM MY LINK ; and invests more than $ 100; I'll give him $ 10 as a gift from me. Only for 10 first person , this is my whatsapp+212635787607

Patty Stovall says:

Thanks again, OJ, for all your help. I'm on my third Bitcoin transaction, and although I still have to use your video to guide me, it is getting easier!

cliff une says:

You're great OJ !!!

Peter Dahlen says:

Thank you!

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