My 24 hour income -DAY 57 , I’VE WITHDRAWN $14,363 FROM THE SYSTEM

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My 24 hour income -DAY 570 , I’VE WITHDRAWN $14,363 FROM THE SYSTEM

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Her Telden says:

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Al ribh mina al internet l 2017 الربح من الانترنت says:

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Jimmi G says:

Hey Ng Gavin, last time i checked one of your video, it was about cloud-mining on hashocean. I actually followed you and deposited some hard earned savings into that system but then every one of us know what they(hashocean) did. So was just wondering, are you one of'em. I mean the Scammer type. 'cos again all the details about this system and the elaborate payouts scheme that you are showing in this video seems quite tempting but i am not really sure about this…no offence.

Jen G. says:

how much of your own money did you use to make that money?

Jen G. says:

Are you scared that this could break down at any time and then you lose the money that is stuck in the system? Most of these businesses don't last long. What are your thoughts?

Waheed Javed وحید جاوید says:

Ng Gavin you are on the right track and you know who is behind this team. But I want to know did you join ZFshare so far ? If no you are missing something similar to My24. Infact Faheem Rajpoot is the main man behind My24 and one of the strongest support and he is the owner of ZFShare. If you do not join this great team I would like to suggest you to JOIN now and I will be pleased if you may signup under my link really this is great rev share like my24

bruceyuri residual income says:

14k in 57 days!!! trying to wrap my brain around that. Congrats, man. wow.

p.s. use hashtags in your description like #my24hourincome

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