MPCA Buying your first adpacks | How to buy adpacks in mypayingcryptoads!

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Hi guys, just want to show how to buy your adpacks to get started in this awesome opportunity. I love the concept of MPCA and the fact that earnings are paid in bitcoin!! We all know bitcoin is on the rise so get in now to start earning your bitcoins!!!


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hans buruma says:

Thanks for the explanation.I got some questions though and will appreciate if you answer.

a)When we purchase one single Ad-pack plan 1, how many days does it run on the website ? I mean after how many days this adpack will bring all the money and finish its process ? (which means we need to purchase a new adpack in order to earn more on that website)

b)How many percent profit do we get from one ad-pack after all ?

c)As I understood we need to go online and watch 10 ads daily and if we dont we dont earn any money on that day, is it correct ? If yes, what do we do if we are going on a vacation or disable to go online for a week ? An answer is coming to my mind according to my question a..which can be like If I know how many days my ad is running and its full return, I may not buy a new adpack after the day my current adpacks are done and be free of going online on that website while I am going to vacation.So that no lose-no earn during this period.

I know I asked too many questions and you are not the help service but it would be perfect if you reply, thanks.

Tonne of Value says:

I thought you can just by add packs and surf ads ?

Arnel Macariola says:

Yes MPCA is one fantastic and stable way to grow your bitcoins .

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