Merchant shares – How to become Verified User in Merchant Shares.

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Merchant shares How to become Verified User in Merchant Shares.

Merchant Shares provides a portfolio investment service for its members from all around the world.

Deposit funds from any accepted payment method to your Merchant Shares internal wallet.

Invest your funds into the investment sectors of your choice.

Merchant Shares Invest the collective funds daily into the respective sectors for Tradings, which generates profit to share with the members and pay for company operational expenses and fees.

Receive returns daily until 150% of your investment has been fully returned.

Instantly withdraw or make new investments with your shared returns to maximize you your portfolio. The choice is yours.

You can invite your friends/families to join Merchant Shares and receive referral commissions when they invest.

For years, the unique business plan designed by Merchant Shares has proven to be incredibly stable and consistent for hundreds of thousands of satisfied members.

In brief, we want to inform you that Merchant Share is paying online from March, 2014 without any issues, however, still it is risky company because you have to invest money into this company in order to earn from it and if company can’t make enough profit from your those investments and if company always keep on losing, then even have a chance that all funds of the company will dry out and it collapses. However, as per Merchant Shares, they claim that they use those investments in Stocks, Forex, Commodities and Web Ads and when they make real profit, then only they share those profit with investors.

However, the return of rate is bit high which is 150%. But, the plus point is that they are sharing as low as $0.25% to maximum 2.25% per day. So, it makes them sustainable for longer than other investment companies because if they can’t make enough profit to share, they will just start to share less and we will get ROI in more longer time. But, since the rate of return is high, still there is risk involve to work with this company.Referring is not a requirement however, you can earn you 5% commissions for every new deposit your referrals make. Your commissions are available instantly for withdrawing or for making new investments.

Unlike other online opportunities, MS does not accept any referrals from a company or owner’s link and all new signups must join under another member’s link.

There is only one level of referrals and MS is not an MLM.

MS is not an hype or rev share that will fail or disappear with your money.

Merchant Shares is uniquely designed for reliability, consistency, stability and long term investing.


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