merchant shares genuine scam review

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Have you or are you tempted to invest in

Here’s my genuine scam review warning of merchant shares. Please feel free to share, comment and like.

If you’re looking for a genuine investment opportunity, check out my website at

If you wish to look at taking legal action against merchantshares, contact me on Skype. My id is ‘paulhardingham’. Let me know why you are contacting me i.e. “it’s about your merchantshares video” and I will know to accept you as a contact.

I hope this video helps at least some people avoid getting scammed by Thanks.


Agus Santoso says:

I join merchant share from dec 5th,2015. I did not found problem until now.. hope will always be.. merchant share is long time investment.. to get 50% profit without re-invest you need to wait until 6 month.. mean only get +/- 8.3% profit per month. anyway thanks for your review.

Joel Penafiel says:

Many Many Thanks..! Same I got warned thru MARLIVE..! Kindly check as well MXRevshare sir?

aum108 says:

Thank you for all this information, I was almost tempted by .
And I guess that is a scam too, since they use a gmail-address. But they have Visa + Mastercard ?
@Paul What about all this RevShare companies like Trafficmansoon, FortAdPays, Beonpush, MyAdvertisingPays etc.?

Benedikt Ladislav says:

1.) they dont offer credit card payments as it would cost a lot to pay out to this option and is often just not possible. i know some online casinos that are 100% legit but they dont offer withdrawals to credit cards too as it is a lot of struggling
2.) whom else should i send my money? if i invest in a fond from my bank i also have to send it to them. also you dont need to handle your money at MS. they do the trading and stuff, so i just have to wait for my profits
3.) how in the universe did you calculate the example profit?? 2.25%/day for 1000 days with and initial investment of 1000$ = 4.6 billion??? first of all they dont make 2.25% daily, its more like an average of 1%. secondly if i dont reinvest and just receive 2.25% daily from 1000% i would have 22500$ after 1000 days. still very high, but not unrealistic
4.) you said they never loose on their investments. Thats right, ive been wondering the same, but they have 4 ways to goin profits. if one looses, they only pay out 0.25% on that day and recover the loss from the other 3 investment ways
5.) of course you only get referal commission if your ref invests money. how should MS pay you if they dont earn anything?
6.) registrant organization: private, okay thats a point to you
7.) registered in dominica: well, also online casinos are often based in gibraltar or malta as the laws are in their favor there. but of course your right, if MS was based in london or something, that would be more legit
8.) you called the number and noone was available. so what? like you are always on your phone? 24/7 every second. maybe they were busy too. did you call later again?

you might have some good points in your video but most of them are not very strong. i see you only made this video for advertising your own company. please dont do this

Edward Villatore says:

could you please review

Jean W C says:

Hi Paul, I thank you for this warning video. Just a question, did you invest in Merchant Shares and they scammed you? I know many people investing in Merchant Shares.

Irish says:

I am still getting paid.

adil elnor says:

ms great company….there is limit to invest 10 000 in amonth …how you said 1000 days can not be

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