Marco Streng, CEO of Genesis Mining, recaps 2017 and gives an outlook on 2018

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Marco Streng, CEO of Genesis Mining, recaps 2017 and gives an outlook on what’s to come in 2018. As a special feature he also gives exclusive insight into one of the newest Mining Farms Genesis Mining has built.

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Joey Barrelwilde says:

Thrilling to see how huge the new facility is.

MrFluffelufagus says:

But are you running on the grid, or off it with renewables? Really, I get it's cold there, but find something you can use there when the weather's in your favor. Please, mining is okay, to an extent… But keep the enviornment safe and clean. Don't let your greed harm the enviornment.

Sound Police says:

Aaaaah finally a video without background music. THANKS. My ears are happy.

P Pierrdi says:

Missing payout 14 days in Genesis http://Mining.Is there a problem in Genesis Mining or is it a scam?Peter

Laurens Sipahelut says:

What happens to cryptocurrency mining once quantum computing kicks in?

Yong Zhee says:

Hi genesis, I didn't receive my payment. Can you explain it?

btc-sir says:

we need more contracts please!!

Firas says:

i feel really save right now 🙂

Denis A says:

He is my role model. I have high respect for him and his business

cool_video88 says:

hello CEO Genesis mining. Mr Marco Streng, please Sir reopen again for sha256 lifetime mining power cos i want to buy more power for my account on Genesis,
please also do subscribe and add like for my youtube channel too
thanks a lot to you Mr Marco Streng, CEO of Genesis mining

Tone Crypto says:

Looks good! Hopefully we can buy more hashpower without the pre-order in 2018.

Kumar Jai says:

Marco why you are not doing doge payments…not replying to tickets, how can new ethereum contracts..if we are not receiving payments and not receiving reply on tickets

Honey A says:

Marco actually seems like a nice guy and I know he cares about his company and I feel it's not a scam but the bottom line is I would stay away from any form of cloud mining like Genesis, CCG and Hashflare as I see is just NOT profitable! In June 2017 I bought over $6800 worth of hashing power from Genisis (Etheruem,Monero and the worst DASH) since then i've been always missing payouts and what little payout i receive is basically nothing . I'm hoping after the 2 year contract is over I will be lucky to recupe maybe $1500 return on a $6500 investment? You will lose your money FOR SURE! Stay away!
The probability calculators they show make you look like your making money but your not. My suggestion is If you want to invest in crypto pick you favorite and open trading account and just buy it outright.
Sorry for the negative review but I feel this had to be addressed.

shakester2010 says:

Very impressive, but we seriously need more Bitcoin Mining Contracts please. 🙂

wootisit says:

Super content customer, please make it possible for existing customers to get a share of the new contracts. How about installing a waiting list?

Fimolo Filomo says:

i havent payment from 17/01/2018 no support no ticket why?????

khaglun says:

So you are the reason we can't get GPU for gaming?

Talib hussain says:

happy new year genesis………god bless genesis………

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