Logan Paul Fights & HUMBLES Bradley Martyn?!

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Logan Paul just pulled up to Bradley Martyns gym and fought him after months of going back and forth.
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@sirwhodison says:

This has gotta be the girliest beef talk I’ve ever heard

@BossPimp-ci8pn says:

i hate this fake shit

@darkflame6980 says:

ok i know logan is an asshole but he still trained fighting an no way a body builder can beat him easily

@Antwon.B.Jameson.the17th says:

Regardless of everything else and brad having way more confidence in his untrained fighting ability, Brad is genuinely a way better person than Logan’s slimey scummy asshole ass

Logan needs to be humbled now☝️☝️
Can’t wait for him to fight a real mma fighter and get the fuck beat out of him

@TheDaygoFamily says:

It wasn’t a fist fight…

@WeAintIntetested says:

You can tell that Logan took Bradley down and got his back and punched in the back of the head till Bradley quit or went out

@cwickyomomma2124 says:

Martyn thinks his steroid muscles make him bad ass. He ain’t!

@patrickc7619 says:

Logan and his brother are fucking trash human beings. “Sometimes boys just gotta be boys” is by far the corniest shit ive ever heard

@cjlewis4222 says:

What's the big deal with this! Harry greb back in the 20's was undefeated in 50 fights in one year! Jack Dempsey was doing this every week back in the 1910's Archie Moore has 135 knockouts! We live in a time with modern guys like khamzat who are really real deal! And the focus goes on this stuff! Crazy!

@shrimplerr says:

"I still think the pair of them are donuts"

@maisonlittle9093 says:

The biggest reason I respect Logan for this is he did it taking up for his brother finally

@tuckerave1 says:

Straight donuts

@user-sn1fd2oz7c says:

Both are suck go to UFC

@TheVagitarian18 says:

Logan prolly 230 tho so not much difference especially since logan has had full camps of boxing while bradley had not

@ZenDragonYoutubeChannel says:

Most likely. They did some light sparring, perhaps just wrestling, perhaps with light strikes, providing some indication as to what might happen if they actually tried to hurt each other… beforehand they came up with recording after and not during, to pass it off as a legit fight, so Bradley Martyn can get some credit for having "fought for real" and Logan Paul can add to his image of being a WWE Superstar who's willing to fight for real.

@dh6865 says:

Not a single mark on either of em they wrestled not fought pair of weasel balls

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