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All about your security on LocalBitcoins platform



NO USEN LOCALBITCOIN!!!! Cuando pasas de nivel de verificación se te quedan un tiempo con tus bitcoin y no te resuelven nada así mandes tickets. Te viven diciendo que están verificando y no te liberan lo que ya es tuyo. Mucho cuidado, estos en cualquier momento se vuelan con tus BTC. Estafa!!!!

Neil Forte says:

It’s been radio silence from LIVECOIN support for months! If i had not gotten help from @VeritasEtVirtus via TELEGRAM concerning my missing crypto, LIVECOIN is not willing or ready to release my $11,000 worth of Crypto. Thieves that is what they are!

Aemad Saleh says:

Thanks for feedback

Jukka Blomberg says:

Rock and roll

Ananta Bangthai says:

from india

Adelin HARERIMANA says:

whot can I do to get  my accout it is broken

David Leong says:

You localbitcoins team fail to improve on your KYC procedures, you can't explain the increase of money mule scam over localbitcoins. I have suggest your team several times and no response.

David Leong says:

You are wrong, bitcoin sending may fail if stuck for a week, meaning bitcoin will return to sender wallet after sometime, even if reciever able to see incoming but zero confirmation.


I want to know when you will support withdrawing to a segwit account

Wilhelm Friedrichs says:

Geht das auch in deutsch???

C K says:

Hola… se necesita canal de LocalBitcoins en español…???

Diana Palma says:

when they transmit it in Spanish

Anonymous says:

My question is if you freeze my account then how I can login there

Son Na says:

My account now can't used

Serge says:

it’s good idea to use all cryptocurrency in app, not only bitcoins

Edward Bolliger says:

hallo from Peru

Bolat Mustakhyi says:

Where r the comments?)

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