LocalBitcoins Trader Sentenced To 1 Year In Prison

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local bitcoins nonsense, physical assaults on crypto holders, and more!

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i cannot get used to this short haired weirdo XD ; #NOTMYMRSOTKO

Mr SpiN says:

Its "Coin Base Pro" now. They switched the name.

Mr SpiN says:

I would not tell you if I fell for this scam. To fall far such a thing, especially after watching your videos……..too embarrassing lol.

Darren Weatherall says:

your dedication to the channel is impressive. Thanks for posting.


well you did cut that rock star hair

Jason S says:

Aghhh a 3:25 commercial…..I have to watch on my PC with ad blocker. Thanks for the video.

McLauv1n says:

Wtf happened to your hair!!?? Where is it!?

Barend Hammer says:

sound is fine.

TheCbrown146 says:

Coinbase recently closed my account for suspicious activity. Maybe you can do a topic on this.

Aeon Mouse says:

MrSotko looking Dapper indeed… like a young John Macaffe

Chris Whitenack says:

Well, that's why we have been doing the normal summer thing; low liquidity (new fiat) and slower volume = stagnation. So, "…er, braugh, it goes up…then..derp, derp, derp…" 😀 Get outta my town, kid, you brought that nasty sunshine with you. Ew.

MJ Snosk8er says:

12 months = county jail time. 12 months plus 1 day = prison time.

T says:

Keep up the great work, MrSotko! Enjoy your experience up there in the great northwest.

Colt Glass says:

so are we all committing this crime every time we sell bitcoin over an exchange?

Martin Leaker says:

I'm pleased to see you looking much better today Mr Sotko! You were looking rougher than a rats arse yesterday!

bonsai treehouse says:

Government is so corrupt. The ones most deserving to be in prison is the politicians.

Cid Sapient says:

theres a new btc atm by me and im scared to go check it out lol
all i see is dave chappelle in the crack head character asking me if i got some crypto

lysergic says:

MrSotko, recording from the secured communication room of the 400 foot underground vault.
Ready to hodl after nuclear blast ! 😀
Thanks for it, as usual 🙂
Btw, I'm using headphones, sound is good.

Russell Bailey says:

When someone is holding the mike and talking like that we call it Toasting here or used to in the U.K.

J W says:

1 day is to make sure that they meet categories of restriction. i.e. "were you sentenced to more than 1 year imprisonment"? Why, yes, yes I was.
Please don't ask how I know.

oscar ortez says:

Sotko kidding from the IRS , lol STILL COMING through with the quality content

Evil Beaver says:

Dude, you don't even look like yourself! It's a great disguise. If you weren't speaking, I'd never recognize you. For some reason it reminds me of when Eddie Murphy dressed up as a white guy:


Vinylnuts says:

Gdax don't you mean Coinbase Pro?

Bobby D says:

LOL Your new hairdo will confuse anyone who hasn't seen your vids for a couple of weeks.
Looking good! Thanks for the regular news & chuckles

Ross Larkin says:

sound & vid is OK….)))))))

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