LocalBitcoins is Centralized and Asks for ID? So What? It’s Still a Great Service!

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LocalBitcoins has made a few folks unhappy about their KYC requirements!

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ray6639 says:

Don't want ID Verification? Just go here it's the same service and layout. thank me later. http://bit.ly/BuySellCoinHere

PfC Wells says:

Well theres a new one called HODLHODL. No KYC required, well for now. I guess well see who last.

Wayne M says:

There are trader who ask for ID for security reason (mostly are new to trading) but some are just ok with verified name (the decentralized trader), what peter means if I may say is when you trade in Localbitcoin, you have the "choice"…freedom man!

Spoonman says:

Bisq DEX (peer to peer decentralized exchange) has REALLY benefited from this news. https://bisq.network Thank you LocalBitcoins!! The increased liquidity is much appreciated!! LOL

vitaLickMyButerin says:

Bro, been watching your videos and not smashing the like button. My bad. Gonna have spend 2 hours going back thru all them videos now.

william taylor says:

Smashing that like button for my Pub bros.

Nick Steve says:

Ummm…. The whole point of going to the site is to not go through the centralized checkpoints. So stop complaining about other people being upset

therealcraqerjaq says:

I wouldn't trade with anyone on lbc that didn't have an ID verified

Eren Kaslte says:

Isn't Reddit centralized??

Richard France says:

People place too much importance on whether something is decentralised or not. For example people are moaning about NEO being more centralised but to be honest, centralisation is good while in development. If NEO were to be decentralised at this stage it would take years to make changes that at the moment are quick. Once the development is complete then and only then should it be decentralised imo.

Matt for Mankind says:

Haha didn’t you just switch to liking XRP cmon dog… why you gotta hate everyone that doesn’t do what you do

al gore says:

I have a question Peter: So centralization is OK for LocalBitcoins but not for XRP?????

DanYool Do says:

Omise Go that saddington guy

TeamDanielBruno SwiftCoin says:

I Agree 100%. Most bitcoiners are extremely fickle and frankly dont know what the f they are talking about most of the time. In 2010 on bitcointalk I was insulted and harrassed mercilessly just for talking about altcoins and websites accepting bitcoin. You cant have a rational discussion with most people on the internet, especially anything bitcoin related.

Scott Moua says:

The hulk in marvel Vs capcom in the end. LoL. That's purdy cool, pete.

Potatoe san says:

thats creepy pete. I visited the site erlier this morning before u posted irt out of interest. i believe alot of poeple are trying to go through this because they got thee tax checks, now why not buy some bitcoin locally without taxman knowledge. 0-o. Pay the tax man guys.

KY LE says:

i thought they were mad because they're asking for ID not because it's centralized what?

idealsceneprod says:

You can't go to extremes and say all centralization is bad, I think. That's like blaming all politicians for the crimes of a single one. You should blame each for their own crimes, but certainly blame their accomplices. However, I don't see why volume would need more identification. That is a centralized government talking, and that I believe, is more bad than good.

Trading Formula says:

i will shank you

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