LocalBitcoins.com Review – How SAFE is it?

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LocalBitcoins.com Created in 2012, Located in Finland, Advertised as P2P Bitcoin Trading Site; So How SAFE is it? And Can you use it to Buy Or Sell the Precious Bitcoin?

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Charlie Kat'sDog says:

Quick answer is: No it's not safe.

KaTrInAIsBoReD says:

Full of scammers and I know a lot of people would agree with me.

Sigfriyo Ayers says:

localbitcoins support worst. sent email last week …. no reply until today.

Zeke McDougal says:

localbitcoins has been experiencing a lot of bugs (especially trade bugs) don't recommend to use it as of now if you want to avoid getting scammed

Gary Go says:

It's flooded with scammers these days thats why lbc users like me moved on to better platforms. Get your shit together localbitcoins

Michael Santos says:

Sure its safe but be ready for shitty customer support

Claire Wright says:

Shocking obnoxious customer services. Take your chances with LocalBitcoins cause they wont help you if something goes wrong. WORST BITCOIN SITE. Avoid at all costs

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