LocalBitcoins ATM

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Buy and sell bitcoins with the LocalBitcoins ATM.


EvilGamezTV says:

Lol is that a converted toaster?

John Collins says:

What ever happened to this project?

James Nery says:

Hey LBC, please wipe Deepak Chawla from your site and make sure it stays that way.
I am currently moving to Paxful and other dNet sites because you can't seem to put him away for good.

KZeroDolla The Rapper says:

Need in america

richardtrenes says:

I will buy one and place them here in Southern Spain in the next few weeks

Junaid Abbas says:

how to locale this type of ATM?

3rdalbum says:

Sorry but I think this is far too complicated and "analogue" to use, especially when you're competing with much friendlier ATMs. Good as a proof of concept, but terrible as an end-user facing product in 2016.

Miguel Morales says:

Has anyone seen one of these ?

Quentin K says:

I'd like to see this done with higher amounts.

Jeremias Kangas says:

You can now order your own LocalBitcoins ATM from our web site: https://localbitcoins.com/atm/order-your-own-bitcoin-atm

NiceVibes says:

Where is this ATM-BTC machine? Oh mama I would love have a thing like that in my hometown.

Put on some nice music this video is to great to have whitout!
Thumbs up!

HydroTekZ says:

It should be sound in the video, but this is just awesome!

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