Local Bitcoins – The End Of An Era

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Michaela Juric is the Bitcoin Babe and one of Australia’s biggest volume brokers. She started many years ago and was doing a great trade until things changed. What changed exactly? Hear me ask the tough questions and Michaela shine through

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CoinDaDa CoinDaDa says:

This lady is clueless. Not trying to be harsh but her lack of understanding KYC hurts all of us in this space.

William LaRocque says:

Love love love this. Im sure you are aware that is very difficult to find people that are willing to give out information on peer to peer trading if its not about gift cards. I have been trading as a paxful vendor for about year now and it has been pretty proffitable. Although i mostly deal with some of the more shadier payment methods i have been looking for the next step in all this and this video has been extremly helpful. I would be very interested in talking further on this if your interested.

EVZinOZ says:

There’s a big difference between purchasing crypto’s from exchanges, and using cryptos for purchases; and I think this is the point you got stuck on. Michaela (and other exchanges) are the on-ramps, from dollars to crypto, and this is where the KYC is required. You spending your crypto in a restaurant is something else. Apart from money laundering (and let’s face it, the overwhelming majority of money laundering is done in dollars), the main reason the ATO etc are trying to regulate this, is so they can tax our transactions. This is a little like closing the barn door now, but I’m sure [they’re] working out how to do this. Good chat, a little frustrating at times, but still, a good chat. Thank you both.

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