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Anthony Astacio says:

Can someone fucking explain hash to me?!?!

TrailerFilmTerbaru says:

please use my code : 9Wozsm


used your code for 55 MH/s ETH. Mine is 9iMysb 🙂

If anyone uses my code i'll hit you back!

Anthony Brooks says:

n3rzu1 share and share people 🙂

Andy Wong says:

i cant even pay with my credit at all

Electro graf says:

i tied to buy bitcoin contract and could only buy eth. Please share the love , my code for genesis minig is YhGUzp , I haope they do some major upgrades and get us back some contracts.

NetherXXX says:

Just used your code for starting a contract. Here is mine. 75RMGT Hit me up if you use it and I will use your codes on upgrades.

Ryan Dent says:

Hey Trevon, been enjoying your videos. Keep it up. I used your code to upgrade, here's my code:


Gabriel Toni says:

feels badman
bitman and hashnest were sold out too

shaik naseer says:

hii James i used your code , pls use my code for upgrade – 4Hcvgp

WAR for PEACE says:

to get 3%-10% discount on purchase on Genesis mining than use this coupen code


Kevin M says:

Hardware wallets are not a ripoff. There's no way for anyone to see what password is being entered because the number keys are randomly generated on the wallet itself. On the screen all that can be seen are dots. The only way they could see the numbers on the randomly generated keypad is by physically looking at it. At least that's how it works with my Trezor. I'm not sure about Nano, Keepkey, etc.

validenp says:

Fiat currency is not worth it. Get xapo.

J Par. says:

EMC will moon since hashflare accepts EMC for upgrades and you avoid paying the high mining fee that Bitcoin would charge, (also f2pool started mining and giving payouts in EMC on may 15th) you are welcome, sub to my channel for more tips thanks for being in the crypto world everyone!

Jacob E. Daniels says:

i already used your code for ethereum mining contract.Here is my Code: yoKrbu



XRay Channel says:

Hey Trevon

Used your code multiple times, if you feel like it hit me back with my code: CcGNFE


what wallet you use for all the coins?

Gh0st G0D says:

Selling Genisis mineing account with SHA-256 95 THs for 1.5 btc

Pow Tops says:

Hi mates! please use my code c5Druj to get the 3% leave a comment and I will be using yours! 🙂

Sherwin Richardson says:

thanks for the update James

Roberto Azar says:

This is the worst advice ever. ''If you have some bitcoin you want to spend spend it on mining contracts''. Why would you pay bitcoin to get paid back bitcoin in small amounts and perhaps never reach back the amount of bitcoin you invested?

crypto sight says:

Tre look at the enterprise ethereum alliance and look at members.

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