Is The "High Ticket" Shortcut A Lie?

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Warning 🚨 The Greedy Gurus don’t want you to see this report! Learn the secrets to making money online from over 17k creators in 19 niches who account for $3.5 billion in sales. Once you see this, you’ll never think the same about business again.

If you want to see the raw data, you can download the report here:

It’s worth a read!

If you are considering going with SamCart or one of their less expensive alternatives, be sure to watch this video from a few weeks ago:


The Digital Oil Wells series with Kevin Hutto that I recommended for you to watch is here:


If you’d like to take me up on the special offer for the Breakthrough Sales Letter Template and the 2023 Facebook Ads Quickstart Training for just $19, get instant access, here:

Once you realize the truth about how online businesses work you’ll find it much easier to make money online in a way that works for you.

The goal is to build a real business that generates reliable income for you and your family.

Not chasing hyped-up fads!

If you still aren’t 100% clear on the right business model or how this business works, watch this video next:

Final note…

If you haven not chosen your niche yet, watch the full Niche Navigator video here:

It teaches you how to find a profitable niche in 1 hour or less, guaranteed!

You can do it!

-Miles Beckler


Mark Harbert says:

Miles, you nailed it with this video man. While I do have high ticket offers. The bulk of my success online has come from my courses that are $497 or less. I can't even begin to tell you how many members I have gotten into my membership program selling low ticket offers under $27. Love that you shared that data. Very eye opening. Great job man.

Mountain Mettling says:

Miles this exactly what I have thinking since being in Affiliate Marketing for 2 years. It is more difficult selling HT, than selling several LT. Of course the gurus say different.

Rozli Yusop says:

exactly so many high ticket bs-there's a way to do it right

Von Kanon says:

I have to say, you've really tempered me to stay focused, ignore the shiny objects and take action. I really don't worry about being profitable in the first 1-2 years of working my affiliate blog. Just focusing on creating better content and working my regular job that currently pays the bills.

Darren Scriven says:

Great information as always, Miles, but more importantly, I love your Sasquatch hat. Where did you get it from?


Hola Miles! Thank you for yet another eye opener! Your wisdom and insight is helping me finally understand how this REALLY works! Like I said on your live…I WILL BUY ANY PRODUCT FROM YOU! even if it's a guide to peasant food of potatoes and rice, just because everything you do radiates honesty and integrity! Please point me towards some funnel building step-by-step guide if you have one. Great job! Super grateful!

Yog Prachar says:

What was your CAC from Facebook ads for 10k sales you mentioned in the beginning?

LJ Melville says:

Great stuff Miles. Huge proponent of low ticket x high product number biz model. I am about half way through the vid, about to fall asleep so will return later. You probably mention this so I’m commenting prematurely perhaps but two things in the report they do mention that differs the top two highest tiers are 1) highest tier almost always has affiliates 2) highest tier has predictable recurring income aka membership/subscription sales . Both of which contributing to the 10x jump. Awesome vid as always. Will come back to finish!

Michael Ray says:

How much FB ad spend VS profit

brett vachon says:

I understand you watch conversions like a hawk if your primary form of generating leads is through paid ads. But what if you focus on organic content? Should you put more effort into building a body of work instead of crafting offers?

Sherry Wood says:

I remember the videos you did with Kevin, you wore that same hat in one of them!

Don Oswalt says:

Hey Miles. Great video. After watching your video's with Hutto you both inspired me to launch a product that i have been sitting on for over a year. I have made $641 in the first month with a $5 product. It costs me less then $1 to create. Now it's about getting more eyeballs on it that want it and having daily sales. Thanks for the kick in the pants to get this going.

Dale Myers says:

Great stuff Miles. I'm finally ready to test some offers. Your bundle including the FB ads is right on time.

Daniel DeMille says:

Miles is it the 2013 facebook quick start or did you update to 2023?

Anthony Rude says:

Thanks for the real numbers.
But what was your profits?
Whats your cost per lead?

Voica says:

I had my first $1000 dollar week with a $25 dollar offer. No lie it actually blew my mind once I made it so simple. And you're right about how copywriting is key. I wrote my video script and it went viral on tiktok first try. Instant sales

MrAntpre says:

Hi Miles, I ve always loved your integrity and no BS marketing advices. Would you mind sharing with us what what percentage of your yearly revenu actually is coming from your wife's brand. I m asking cause my wife is in a similar niche (not exactly the same of course). And I ll be curious to know what's the potential. Thanks a lot

Chaz Levine says:

Miles- I appreciate you revealing this mass data report. So much gold in the Digital Oil Wells series. “16 Ways to Make Money Online” presents so many ideas… An AMAZING deep dive. That video is absolutely a foundation and springboard to help develop low ticket idea offers.

As I am moving into the (A) stage of your ATM education, I ALWAYS turn back to “My Trusted Source” —You, Miles!

Buckled down today to continue building, I have so much respect for all you do for your audience. Thank you for helping so many of us to understand the BIGGER picture— keep helping others to the ‘ENTH degree… it’s magical and feels great!!

I do hope you enjoy some of that epic weather at your lake house today.

Upper 90 Football says:

Hey Miles, great video. Is that 10K from FB ads profit or revenue?

Fred Raley says:

I listened intently to this whole great presentation but somehow missed the part about cost data. How much did the FB ads cost? How much did the product cost? What are other costs? It's one thing to know the sales/customer data but the cost/sale is critical too.

silver2zilver says:

I really like this guy's topics and integrity

Sanjay Shinde says:

Wow. Changed perspective. Thanks Miles.

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