Is MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) A Scam? Find Out The Truth

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Courtenay OConnell says:

I finally got the MAPS refund: As I am US CItzen- am not allowed in MAPS anymore. Great video BTW!

Ryan Hauser says:

Great Video

Courtenay OConnell says:

I love MAPS- BUT am US citzn: They said they would refund after 15 biz days(that came and went) What email can I write MAPS to ask them to look into this! Thank you- anyone else in US that is still waiting for the refund!

Holistic Living says:

Thank you and thank you for your passion.

Endrigo Eduardo Martins says:

I was looking for some video like that. That was very helpful and well explained. Thank you.

Siobhan Parker says:

Thank you for sharing – I am a newbie so an overview is much appreciated -


Thank you, excellent video!

Mike Caballo says:

Thanks for taking your time and shedding light on the truth about MAP, I am going to share this to my prospects. I will definitely be subscribing.

Ann Dunnett says:

Excellent MAP explanation, sir. Thank you

Sweny Singh says:


Olga Barasoain says:

Stupendous explanation of our company!!

Renee Sullivan says:

James, you are my hero. Excellent rebuttal of this "clown's" false negative review. MAP is not only changing my life, but the lives of so many others. Unfortunately, people do not always read between the lines with the motives of these reviews. Those that are using MAP know the value of it and know how honest this company really is.

Norm Malabanan says:

Great Video! Thank you for sharing…

Chris Arnell says:

Very good

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