Is My Advertising Pays a Scam – My take on MAPS

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Is My Advertising Pays a Scam

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In this short video, I explain my take and try to answer the question Is My Advertising Pays a scam

I can tell you that with revenue sharing programs there is two sides. Some people scream scam and Ponzi and will tell you to stay away. Some people like them in the fact that you can earn without recruiting. This takes the pressure off of trying to get people into the deal and still make money.

My Experience with My Advertising Pays

I am happy with MAPS so far. I’m generating leads from the traffic exchange daily and am earning. I get my withdrawals soon after I put them in and am using the 70/30 strategy to grow my credit packs and cash out each week.

My recommendation with My Advertising Pays

I would say use your best judgement. Be careful. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. No one you will see on the internet is an accredited expert on the matter. So in cases like this I would say go with your gut!

My Advertising Pays Review

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Jennifer Quamina says:

My Advertsiing Pays (MAPS) is a Ponzi, because the only way  MAPS makes money is through a close loop system. ONLY MAPS memberssee the adverts which theyclick in order to get a ROI.New member  (referrals) invest their money which is profit shared to older members. Rob all ponzi schemes pay out to older members like yourself, if they don't how will they entice new members to join the scam. Rob I advise that you withdraw your money NOW from MAPS, as your involved in an illegal ponzi scheme

beatris iversen says:

I think the one big reason that people think most companies are scams are because they join, don't do the marketing and then not make any money. This makes sense and there are good companies out there, but if we are not willing to go the extra mile we can't expect to see any results whatsoever. You have been online for quite some time and you have really done well, but you have also done more than the average person who would rather complain. Thanks Rob 🙂

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