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dash.red says:

The market for mining equipment x11 right now is dead… there are no more machines available – so it pays to be mining x11 for Dash – at this moment. I use genesis for it and it is working well.

dash.red says:

"this site is booooooolshit!" ha ha ha ha! I am loving it!

Chris tian says:

please use my code RPIzHg THANK YOU

Meki says:

guys is it really worth to spend 2600$ on 20TH/s for mining ? I am looking for long term profit

Black-Amine says:

you have to invest more than 60 bucks its a numbers game

Maurice Maull says:

where can i learn more about crypto?

1dlgaither says:

I upgraded bitcoin on there to the max at 200 TH/S, for about 7 months now. I would say I'm averaging right at 3.54 bitcoins a month. So it's pretty close to paying its self off, just take a loan like me for 25k for 72 month and you'll have it paid with interest in 9 months. That is basically a car payment

thinkofwhy says:

Those free sites where you solve the capchas, you're giving access to the bots. Are they good or bad bots?

DemonPhoenix42 says:

at current prices it would take 2 years but by-annually assuming price and difficulty don't change your looking at $14720.62 profit from a 60,000$ investment into litecoin mining otherwhys being 5,000 MH/s
but this is not a perfectly stable market so that's where my knowledge drops off
they make the numbers add up but there is hidden variables in the background, wish i knew more

LionTec says:

Genesis Mining
Your affiliate code is: cCyRwg

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