Is Blogging Dead? Should You Start A Blog in 2024?

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Did Google kill blogging? With Google’s “Helpful Content Update” and other algorithm updates, should you start a blog, today? Here are 5 things you must consider before starting a blog in 2024.

Google’s Core Update that has been rolling out through March 2024 (as explained in this video – ) has caused a lot of pain and questions from bloggers, niche site owners and affilaites…

The big question is: Is blogging dead?

And… Should you start a new blog in 2024?

Some folks are saying blogging is gone and it’s time to move on to YouTube or social media traffic.

Now, I’ve been teaching folks how to blog here on YouTube for nearly a decade here and the core How To Blog training is still relevant –

But man folks are scared that blogging is dead.

Yet, others are doubling down on their blogs in hopes of a traffic recovery from the Google algorithm update.

But, is there a middle ground for bloggers?

Can you still use a blog to help you make money online without being all in on Google?

Can you rise above the google algorithm and SEO traffic schemes and still succeed? Do you need to buy SEO backlinks if you want to make it online?

This video reveals the 5 ways that bloggers are still able to use their blogs to grow their businesses online without depending on traffic from Google.

And, if you’re struggling to drive traffic to your blog, watch this video for some much needed perspective:

Because a Blog should not be your one and only traffic strategy.

It should be 1 component in a broader traffic strategy as explained in this video here:


No matter what happens in the world of SEO and Google Algorithm updates, you still need a place to publish your ideas, your tutorials, your reviews, your recommendations and your affiliate links!

A YouTube channel is NOT enough for a long term successful online business, either.

Now, I teach how to use YouTube to grow your business online here:

But again, thinking you can do ONLY YouTube and ignore the rest of the marketing channels (like having a blog, too) is EXTREMELY RISKY!

Because, if you went ‘all in’ on YouTube or Social, you’re putting yourself in the same situation as those who were all in on Google SEO traffic and just got slapped.

This video offers bloggers some much needed perspective about blogging in 2024.

Whether you’re a total beginner blogger. Or whether you’ve been blogging for a decade or more like my wife and I have…

This video will teach you the 5 ways we are using our blogs in 2024 after the Google algorithm updates to grow our businesses online without needing to build backlinks or mass publish AI content to a blog.

Remember… Your blog is a great way to build your BRAND.

Look beyond the ups and downs of traffic and you’ll see a bright future for your online business and your blog!

This video shares the types of blog posts that make money online –

Timestamps for chapters.

0:00 The status of Blogging in 2024
0:07 5 ways to know if blogging dead?
0:15 Is blogging dead? Answer #1 of 5
0:35 Blogging example #1 revealed
1:37 Is blogging dead? Answer #2 of 5
1:52 Blogging example #2 revealed
2:25 How a blog can make money online in 2024
2:56 Is blogging dead? Example #3 of 5
3:26 Blogging vs YouTube? Which is better?
3:59 How to use your blog in 2024
4:24 Is blogging dead? Example #4 of 5
4:48 The blog plugin that all affiliates need in 2024
5:59 Is blogging dead? Example #5 of 5
7:36 How to make money with blogging in 2024
7:49 What has changed with blogging in 2024? Is it dead?


@bhuvan9956 says:

Go to 7:15 for answer

@trentblack6381 says:

Another great video as always. Thank you. Quick question: Do you recommend a complete newbie to optimize their blog for Google SEO or ignore it altogether and focus entirely on alternative traffic sources? I just don't want to waste my time learning outdated skills. I hope you see this and will reply. Thank you again for the amazing content!

@franklinmayoyo says:

What is limits most people is self doubt, biase and fear.

@SandyEggo73 says:

Thanks Miles, btw, I took the advice on your website and purchased a ready made affiliate site from human proof designs, and it turned out to be Total Garbage. If anyone else is in the market, you may want to take a look at my post, it could save you a lot of time, money and grief!

@katie-osborne says:

Thanks Miles, great tips and encouragement ❤

@namaste4721 says:

Hi Miles! I’m new to this. What do you think of systeme io? Is Aweber better?

@deniced5787 says:

Great as always Miles! Thank you

@DimensionsUKMY says:

Interesting…. Have you bothered making any tweaks to your site based on the Google updates? Or you've basically given up on Google…..

@realMartinHamilton says:

Always great to hear your wisdom about our online world Miles. The YouTube vs. Blog section is especially valuable advice about how I can update my blogpost easier than making a new video.

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