Is Bitclub Network a Ponzi Scheme or Best Opportunity Ever

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BitClub Network is a category creator in that it is the combining the very lucrative field of Bitcoin and other Crypto/Digital Currency Mining with the home business industry.

There are currently over 400 Crypto/Digital Currencies. You can now purchase gift cards with Bitcoins to shop with top retailers like Amazon, Sears, Home Depot, CVS Pharmacy and much more.

The Crypto/Digital Currency World is where the internet was 15 years ago. Everyone has heard of Digital Currency (namely Bitcoins) but very few are positioned to take advantage of this global phenomena.

This is where BitClub Network and it’s powerhouse team, BitClub Network Pro come into play.

Through BitClub Network you will be able to participate in mining pools. One huge part of the ecosystem of Digital Currencies is through what is referred to as mining.

As a participant in a mining pool you are essentially purchasing computing power. To mine in the Crypto world requires massive computer power and speed. The more powerful the computers and speed, the more money the mine can make.

As a participant in the mine, you essentially purchase computer power that allows the mine to become more and more profitable. The mining pool in turn shares a portion of its revenue with all participants in the mining pool.

This is not new. One of the top mining pools in the world has over 250,000 participants and has mined 445,000+ Bitcoins. As of this writing, one Bitcoin is worth $525. So this one mine has generated what would be worth over 223 MILLION in US Dollars worth of Bitcoin at the $525 value.

Now this is where participation on mining pools are exciting. With your capital outlay you purchase computing power for the mine. The mine in turn pays a portion of its revenue with all pool participants.

What makes BitClub Network so special and unique is its pool participants are paid for a period of 1,000 days. Imagine purchasing participation in one of three mining pools and as a result you are able to earn for 1,000 days even if you do not have a list.

BitClub Network is poised and positioned to become one of if not the top mines in the Crypto/Digital Currency mining world. But this is just one piece of a much larger puzzle.

Make sure you lock in your spot today with BitClub Network by connecting with the top leader, on top team of BitClub Network.

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Puan Harlina says:

Untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut :-
Pn. Harlina : +6013-3396 096

Katlego Makokoe says:

I cant believe some people liked this video, geez look at the backround, the numbers arent moving at all, this isnt a real studio, and the guy is kinda shaky

Sevenseaentertainment josh says:

bitclub minning network is not safe it's scam don't invest in this it's ponzi…

Sponge Bob says:

i have made a video about bitclub, I have earned so far over 340$ in about 5 months… not a single bank can offer you that opportunity

EDGAR GIL ARREOLA Galaxy iv back piggy says:

Y que fraude

clandalaran says:

İ suggest buying the 20KH/s for 0.01 btc to
activate the 15KH/s bonus, do not invest more until you win back your
investment. This may be a ponzi.

You win more BTC by referring to a user

knight bit says:

Bitclub is a legitimate mining network that could be verify at https://

jmf rokka says:

Ponzi scheme. Scam. Fraud.

Devin Nash says:

sounds like 401k

NoGema says:

Here is a site with a few sites to earn and invest Bitcoin

Aemon21 says:

Ponzi Scheme

Mr Olio Toyon says:

Join Free Here

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