IQMining vs Genesis-Mining 2019

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Today we are comparing two whales in the industry – vs Use my promo code to get 10% Extra Hashrate to your purchase at IQ10TZN


Greg Bartley says:

I'll never use Genesis Mining again. I spent thousands on 7 contracts that used the terms "Lifetime" and "mine forever" (which isn't found in the agreements by the way) and lost everything to the bear market. They state that the contract that I agreed to "open-ended" was limited to 60 days of non-profitability thus my agreements were cancelled. So they ADVERTISED (falsely of course) a "LIFETIME" plan that even described as "mine forever" but those specific terms don't mean anything to them. It's what's in the agreement. If the advertised words ("Lifetime" and "mine forever" ) is not in the agreement then it is a classic example of a bait-and-switch scam based on false advertising which is illegal. I've been in contact with the SEC and it's currently under investigation. I'll never do any cloud mining again. Lesson learned.

Kansatree Kan says:

code genesis mining discout : r7awCv

q8_vip2 says:

so what best now ?

Crypto Invest says:

Use my code cElIM5 and get a 3% discount! Thank you!

Danni Rainmethall says:

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James C says:

Don't forget you can also mine with your pc
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