iMAP Day13 Update; Share Earning: $471; Ad Pack 149

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iMAP Day13 Update
iMAP RevShare:

Share Earning: $471; Ad Pack 149

I believe if you have $1000 initial deposit or more, you can start to withdraw the max withdraw allowable w/o loosing your adspack this week. Because the minimum withdraw $10, and if you put $1000 or more, you should already have allowable withdraw that already exceed $10.

In that case, you just need to withdraw the maximum allowable withdraw without loosing the ad pack every day and some time over withdrawing a little, you should be able to get all the seed money back on the day 60th.

Then you can continue to compound or withdraw after the day 60.

If you follow my online system, you should use the money you withdraw to 1) put into another rev share 2) buy the traffic to your funnel.

Here is the system I use:

1. Product Licensing System:

Aspire – Digital Altitude:

2. Affiliate Marketing System:

Leader Lead 360 Update One and my current focus:

LL360 Opt-in Page:
LL360 Step by Step:

LL360 product in a glance:

1. Traffic Monsoon
2. Be On Push
3. Automatic Wealth Network:
4. Power Lead System:
5. Set up your own website at
6. Set up Coinbase to transfer rev share fund:

Other good Revenue Shares to generate ads money for you:

1. Traffic Wave Surfing
2. Ultimate Rev Share
3. Clikdelivery
4. Top Share Global
5. iMAP RevShare:

Excellent Auto Responder:

1. Aweber
2. Get Response

Buy Traffic:

Udimi Solo Ads:

Get your Coinbase account here:

LL360 Facebook:…

You can connect Paul Fan at Future Net here:

Skype: paulfannet


morning DM says:

how much money did you spend to buy 149 Adpack?

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