I Tried Copy Trading On ByBit For 7 Days – See How Much I Made 💸

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In this video, i will show you how much i was able to make with bybit copy trading after 7 days.

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🔗 How To Make $100/Day With ByBit Copy Trading (STEP-BY-STEP)

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@PeterAlachi-ys7sg says:

Do you have crypto class when beginners can learn

@DestinyLiam says:

Please can I use 50$ to start up on copy trading on Bybit?

@AbrahamOlasunbo says:

Thanks, it's interesting to watch. A little off topic, but I can’t find information on how to do this, maybe someone here can tell me. How can I transfer USDT from Okx wallet to binance? There is only the initial phrase, nothing more: head isolate sound end kit industry choice festival limit stable dolphin derive. For some reason it doesn’t work for me, it doesn’t accept the address… I’m afraid I’ll mess up.

@CallmeUgoeze says:

I appreciate your honesty, this thing is just a g@mble

@Holykcee says:

I did copy trading after watching your video I made I loss of 7$

@marelo2020 says:

What language/country did you use to be able to use futures copy trading?

@GodspowerOmomo-pd3lt says:

Can we close profit if we made profit for copy trade by our self ?

@tolusunday7809 says:

I message you on WhatsApp already

@ogundapojamiu7801 says:

Create a video for the best strategy to take while copy trading.. Cos in the morning u maybe profited and before evening all money gone ..

@EddyEdidier says:

Let's goo am just here to get knowledge Soo am patiently waiting for that binance video

@NwedenechigozieRaphael-dx3oz says:

Did it have limited amount to enter the trade

@ibraheemakinleye6375 says:

Yes I watched your video and I followed the steps.. I invest with 150$ and I make loss of 73$… thanks for teaching us we won’t stop until we win

@DavidNtakima says:

Thanks you sir

@osismog9358 says:

The loss is due to decline in BTC. It has been messing trades up recently.

@Ayomide1942 says:

I want to join your telegram channel boss ❤

@EkenedilichukwuAnthony-nm2hk says:

Thank you❤❤ I was able to make profit from Binance copy trading the way you explain it

@Maxion4sk says:

My first copy trade with just 50usd, I hade 30usd under 3hrs, on bybit

@Maxion4sk says:

Your video is very plane

@sherifamzat7510 says:

Thanks for the content. Could you do a video on trading with bots like Royal Q and such. Keep up the good work

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