I Tried Copy Trading for 7 days. The Results are Shocking

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00:00 What is copy trading? My challenge
00:56 Hardest part of copy trading
02:30 Search for a trader to copy
04:04 Day 1 results
05:42 Day 2 results
06:42 Day 3 results
07:17 Day 4 results
08:30 Day 5 results
09:51 Day 6 results
10:48 Day 7 results
12:00 Honest opinion of copy trading

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In this video, I tried getting into Copy Trading as a total beginner in that field and completing a copytrading challenge for 7 days. To do so I analyzed different traders who offer copy trading and deposited $10k on BingX exchange to start my copy-trading. After following a trader I chose for 7 days I was very impressed with the results (way better than my expectations!). I liked copy trading just because of how easy it was to set up everything and get started, as well as the fact that I did not need to trade myself, every trade was executed by the trader I chose. After completing the challenge I realized that copy trading could be a great passive form of income but you should be very careful what trader you follow and never invest more than you can lose. This video is for entertainment purposes only.

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Link to this video: https://youtu.be/ewpBMF8e_kw


@mxkiller10x96 says:

Wow nice bro

@josh3771 says:

Very interesting video.
Been experimenting with copy trading, particularly with leverage

@era_za7370 says:

Bingx reviews scare me but i wil try it

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