I Flew To Florida with my Fiancé To Buy A House *I cnt believe it!!* | FL Vlog🍾😢❤️

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House shopping vlog! *Kenzzi- Use code: 50AAB at https://kenzzi.com/products/microdermabrasion-handset-kenzzi?ref=50ABA* My fiancé and I took a plane to Florida to go house shopping. We got engaged in 2019 and you guys know things weren’t easy in 2020. But! We came together and decided we want to get married and part of building a life together is buying our first home. I talked a lot about “what they don’t tell you about buying a home” in this video. So much has gone into this decision and I can’t wait to keep sharing with y’all!

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Gabriella Grande says:

yep, i feel super sick now

anouchka669 says:

It's crazy I remember your breakup video where I wrote you a comment that said "Rent an apartment where you will see your boyfriend and if you are well and still together you buy yourself a house …" and this is what happened in the end

Connie Perez-yarza says:

Omg video of when u and steven come back

Mira Bella says:

Who in their right mind moves to Florida? It's a crazy shithole.

Celeste .y says:

what face wash and moisturizer did you use after the Microderm

Trollin Youtube says:

New tampa or Wesley chapel is where it's at honestly

Marnan says:

Oh ok lol wtf

ItsVerosLife says:

I need the goggles

nessa15v says:

So exciting! Congratulations cant wait to see all the new house and moving vlogs!!

Saqib Javed says:

Pop is Gina be super good for you it has many great things

Gordon TheGreat says:

So Steve went back to her after she trashed him to the world and posted their personal messages on YouTube??? A lot her followers were really mean and called him a deadbeat and loser too because he didn’t want to get married! Dude Steve, run my man! Why did you cave? So she was talking to other guys and you ran back to her??? WTF!!

Oliviaaloo 11 says:

Please do an updated skin care routine! Like why you don't wash your face, what you use or do instead, and how you take your makeup off pls pls pls!! xx LOVE YOU

Galilea Duran says:

Alana drop an eyebrow growth video please

Tracy Jewels says:

Sounds like you're considering ft meyers area

Carly Eileen says:

Stevie, your plane doesn’t leave till you’re retired bby

Goldi singh10 MMC says:

How tall are you ?? Plz reply

Savvy Mallard says:

congratulations babe!!!

Aubrey Zettler says:

AHH I literally had a feeling when you said Florida that you'd be moving close to Tampa! I'm going to die if I ever see you out and about.

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