How to Use Coinbase App (Bitcoin)

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A detailed tutorial on how to use the coinbase mobile app to buy, sell, send, and receive bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
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TapLab says:

Thanks for watching!
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yasser khaled says:

I'm not going to work on your platform – too many problems. Your security system is not working. I dont want to risk. i dont want to lose my money

Niggarichard says:

Thanks this helped me

gideon joubert says:

how to use the app? close it and delete it. no other way

Mudrak Films says:

Is this hell of an app supposed to be user friendly? Did a human made it?

kanal06 kanal06 says:

I will not use the coinbase application. I am not idiot

Jacob Howard says:

Lol, less than 10 000 downloads, seems to be true that this app sucks. GJ coinbase

Lucy Buck says:

I've tried Coinbase app couple of months ago but this application was constantly hanging (system is soooo slow). I can't handle it really. Such a big exchange with such a huge amount of money can afford much better application.Seriously.

Trex says:

Need a whole video on how to use the Coinbase app? Are you serious? With any other exchange could handle even a child. Apparently the interface at Coinbase is not the best.

Gatra Plays says:

Lol need a video to understand how to use the Coinbase app? Shouldn't everything be as intuitive as other exchanges apps?

ii_7mod_-23 says:

Best use of this buggy app is to be deleted.

Nero says:

It's good tutorial, but platform is really bad, clients almost hates them

sukhawat saisak says:

I didn't like Coinbase app at all
It seems that jerks were creating this app

d-NAHI AZUL says:

What yet need to happen after ppl will recognize it's a scam?

Vladimir Lupovskiy says:

Lol, use this app and get ur data leaked to the darknet, read about coinbase fucked up security before joining

kwilly. says:

I rly tried to get through verification but this app is pure hell

SVG Informatique says:

And i thought polo had bad app…

steam account says:

Do not use this application, they steal data through it.

YaBoy Tobi says:

how to use the coinbase mobile app to buy, sell, send, and CRY EVERY TIME WHEN SUPPORT IGNORED YOU ABOUT 1 MONTH BIIIIIITCHHHHHHHH

Grizzly GamerBR says:

this app is too frustrating, i came here to see how other ppl feel about that

Gameři CZ says:

one day you wake up, and your account is already frozen
such coinbase realities -_-

Christian Cordova says:

I have a question, so a lady Dm'd me on Instagram trying to teach me how to trade Binary trade. I told her I was looking into Cryptocurrency and she told me to download Coinbase and send her a screenshot when i had set up my account. Is this a scam??

José Luis Antonio V. says:

Only use of this app is to be deleted

Jimmy Tolivita says:

This mobile app absolutely not user friendly

kumarasamy thavakantdan says:

Worst then one of polo

jordane obe says:

I started using this application, and a couple of days later my account was stolen
Support is not responding the fifth day.
someone faced with this? (


StormZ PLayeRz says:

Tried it, full of bugs, wontt reccomend

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