How To Test, Prove & Launch Online Business in a Weekend

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Is it possible to launch an online business in a weekend? How can you test your business idea fast? NEW UPDATE: Get my NEW 🏆 Affiliate Marketing Crash Course 🏆 for FREE, here:

I’ve broken down everything I did in order to build, launch and grow a brand new affiliate site to over $3500/mo in profit in simple step-by-step format… It’s 100% beginner friendly and of course, it’s yours 100% free… Because my lifestyle is supported by my affiliate sites NOT from selling you courses… 👍

This video looks at the strategy my newest profitable sales funnel that I built and deployed this weekend.

I started with an affiliate marketing funnel to test out a new niche and a new offer. I wanted to see fast if this offer was something I could promote and grow a list with, profitably.

You’ll learn all of the numbers from this funnel after running traffic for less than 48 hours.

Plus I’ll share the structure of the affiliate funnel so you can funnelhack me if you’d like.

Links mentioned.

First, the how to choose your niche trainings –

Second the customer avatar video so you can learn about the true emotional needs and hot buttons of your audience and target market:

Next a deep dive into the structure of an affiliate marketing funnel and how to research the right kinds of offers that work with affiliate funnels:

Then you can learn how to build out an affiliate marketing funnel in less than 30 minutes in this video:

Now, if you don’t want to use a funnel builder as shown in that above video or if you already have a wordpress site, you can build those pages out in Thrive Architect as shown here:

For an example of a landing page that converts well, check out my free “7 steps to 7 figures” course opt-in page here –

These simple opt in pages often convert 50% – 75% of traffic into leads.

I share more about this type of high converting opt in page and how to build them in this video here:

If you want a 100% free autoresponder that includes free landing pages and up to 500 subscribers for free, this post on my blog explains how:

The real key here is to test, test, test.

You need to start publishing content and offers to see if you can get your audience to take action.

It requires you to learn the basics of copywriting which is often learned best from reading the top copywriting books:

But ultimately you need to jump in and take action… Because this is how you learn the skills about how to publish content online, how to setup ads, how to drive traffic, how to set up autoresponders, etc.

You see, these are the skills that professional internet marketers use every day.

And there was a time when all of this was totally foreign to us, too…

But we (successful online entrepreneurs) just jumped in and started figuring it out.

We started making offers… And the first ones sucked…

But we kept with it… We honed our skills… We mastered our craft.

AND… This may be even more important:

We studied our audience and our markets to learn what worked and what didn’t.

So each successive test we were able to get better and better results with less effort as we built valuable skills.

This is the way.

you can do it and I hope this video helps you on your path!

Miles Beckler


promoterstack says:

Loving the title and information of this video! ✌️

Neil Melling says:

I'm new to this but don't you need to factor in the costs of your website to host the affiliate link etc? But yes I get your point, excellent vid thanks!

Teach 'n Thrive says:

You're the GOAT!

BodyBliss Cure says:

Thank you Miles

Keep It Simple says:

I seriously need guidance after trying for 5 years with FB ads, funnels, and no list growth or money made. Maybe I'm trying to hard to succeed. Any suggestions Miles? Feeling stuck.

Nebojša Radivojević says:

Great one, thanks! How do you balance value VS offers in an email sequence? How many pitch emails VS pure content? Or you're a fan of placing offer links in the infobox/resources section at the bottom of every email. Thanks!

Conversations with Misola says:

Thanks for this! I like the idea of testing with affiliates

Box Node Digital says:

This one video should be a course of it's own..
Thanks Mike.

Vision Advanced says:

If looking to test with an affiliate in a new niche, will the affiliate allow you to join if you're just starting out? I suspect that answer may vary… Great video as always Miles.

Davy STUN says:

Miles, Bravo!!! on everything , but the Elon, had be spittin my drink laughin, hahaha

Md. Abdullah Al-Mamun says:

Brother we are always with you.

Return To Radiant says:

Hi Miles. It's me again lol. I've been looking in your descriptions for a template to a OTO and OCU example. Would you happen to have one? Also, how much time do you wait to send the Opt-In offer? Is it like five minutes so they can have time to go over the OTO page?

Dawn Music says:

hey, Miles. Do you know of a funnel builder for a 3 week course that is an alternative to Clickfunnels?

Samira Orchard says:

hi miles new subscriber. How do i coonect with u privately as i would like your advice on some courses before going ahead.

Matthew Showalter says:

You don't always need to use a pdf to get their email address. I have used an email as the lead magnet before,, recently I wrote a high carb, low fat diet email (I was just testing it because I didn't have a product made yet)
It worked great, over a 33 percent optin rate with no optimizing
They didnt put in bad email addresses, because they wanted that email from me. The open rate for that email was over 90 percent.
Some even replied to the email and thanked me lol
That was, bing ads + lander + email

Jeanette Giselle Cruz says:

Hey Miles! I had someone look at my site for speed improvement and they recommend I change my theme from Thrive to something else. However I use Thrive due to your recommendation, is there really any correlation with slow site speed and their theme builder? Thanks!

AltSpace says:

Thank you so much Miles! Was the niche you launched the funnel in a niche you know a lot about? If so how much do you know? I know that's like asking how long is a piece of string but I hope this made sense haha

andrei babus says:

Have you also tried FB lead ads instead of the opt-in page? I'm curious because I had mixed results recently for a customer in the education niche (cheaper but lower converting leads)

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