How To Stop Paying Coinbase Fees

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Stop paying ridiculous fees on your hard earned money! Share this with someone who could save thousands using this easy process.

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Coin Mastery says:

Some people asked if they can tip me for this. No obligation at all but if you'd like, here's the info:

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Brian Elfstrom says:

This requires you to deposit into your Coinbase account first in USD where the fee is assessed. Where is the savings? Buying at limit vs spot?

Jakub Holan says:

4:02 I think he meant to say "….and GDAX will only charge you 0.3 %…"

David Molden says:

So I followed your directions and transferred some BTC back into my Coinbase wallet. Now it's stuck in Pending, been stuck there for 3 days! Their support doesn't respond. So, any ideas how I can access my BTC?

Nick Reynolds says:

Thank you. Why don't you put this on Steemit? Better than Facebook.

Justin Foord says:

Any tips for those who don't have a USD account e.g. AUD?

ChrisBobay says:

I think you forgot to mention to "withdraw" back to your coinbase bitcoin wallet

Apple Fritter says:

Have they patched this yet?

Goober says:

can see this loophole closing soon lol

purewonka says:

It's not just the fee on coinbase that screws you, they also quote a price about $15 above the current ask on gdax. That spread is put in the coinbase pocket. The gdax platform gives us all the opportunity to be a market maker with a limit order instead of a market taker with a market order. We are rewarded for making the market with a feeless transaction. It's not a trick; it's just the nature of financial transactions on a trading platform.

shelby outlaw says:

This doesn't make sense to me because you will have to pay fees on the $500 and then you have to transfer it to GDAX with another small fee to transfer? im confused on how placing a limit order will stop you from receiving the fees? you had to pay fees in order to get the bitcoin there unless your just trying to boost knoowledge about GDAX……..Can anyone explain to me?

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