How to Stay Safe Online with LocalBitcoins?

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LocalBitcoins’ first ever webinar! Watch our Community and Partnerships Manager Vladislav Alimpiev talking to you about security.

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0:00 Introduction
7:03 VPN
10:42 Phishing
16:02 Two-Factor Authentication
19:35 When something sounds too good, it probably is
23:02 Escrow
29:03 Don’t reveal your password!
32:45 Q1: What’s the benefit of using LocalBitcoins?
34:10 Bitcoin addresses
37:29 Conclusion
42:12 Q2: How secure is LocalBitcoins?
44:13 Q3: How to make small traders’ lives better?
46:20 Q4: How to start buying Bitcoin?
48:47 Q5: Referral bonus for using LocalBitcoins?
49:28 Q6: Why do banks view buying Bitcoin as negative?
50:40 Q7: Do you create content in Spanish?
52:51 Q8: What if countries ban LocalBitcoins?
54:52 Q9: How can transparency and anonymity be combined?
57:51 Q10: What are the future opportunities of cryptocurrency in the world?
59:56 Q11: Mobile application and new features on LocalBitcoins?
1:01:56 Q12: Will you support other coins than Bitcoin?
1:03:20 Q13: What do you think of Venezuelans using LocalBitcoins?

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DISCLAIMER: This video contains opinions only and is not to be considered or treated as investment advice. The material provided is for educational purposes only. Please do your own research before investing your own money.


LocalBitcoins says:

If you want to watch the video with Spanish, Russian or English subtitles, click the subtitles on from the video's settings.


NO USEN LOCALBITCOIN!!!! Cuando pasas de nivel de verificación se te quedan un tiempo con tus bitcoin y no te resuelven nada así mandes tickets. Te viven diciendo que están verificando y no te liberan lo que ya es tuyo. Mucho cuidado, estos en cualquier momento se vuelan con tus BTC. Estafa!!!!


NO USEN LOCALBITICOIN. Cuando alcanzas nivel 3 de verificación te retienen los Bitcoin y no responden los tickets, no hay a donde llamar. Tengan cuidado!!!!!!

Julio Gutierrez says:

Buenas noches, escribo por esta vía ya que se me ha hecho muy difícil por no decir imposible verificar mi identidad en la plataforma. He enviado los documentos de la mejor manera posible con alta calidad y mi selfie muy clara, de verdad ha sido muy frustrante ya no se que más hacer.

Angela Pepano says:

Hi from Philippines….

Angela Pepano says:

Hi sir….. interested to sign lokal bitcoin…..

ernestobrileo says:

Thanks so much for keep supporting the venezuelan people, please never give up on us


Think about use ETH too.

Simon Rukwaro says:

Consider other coins like ethelium

Thusoetsile Jood says:

I infact bought first time on local bitcoin and it realy is scary but it was seemless

Thusoetsile Jood says:

Oudtshoorn Western Cape South Africa

Prof. Johnes says:

If you guys knew how what am going through, you have put my funds on hold for ages. I try to reach your support team but they don't reply. It has been more than 2 weeks now. Kindly check on ticket #1279052 thank you.

Nat Fablife says:

Now that’s creative the way you put your own spin on it!

Rocio Regine says:

We need videos in Spanish please.

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