How To Start Forex Trading In 2024.(For Complete Beginners)

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@princecharlie1136 says:

Daniel we are here to learn,,that music background irritates kindly look on that we can't concentrate to what u say while there is a song

@GodwinNdahura-yz4of says:

This so beautiful & educative ready 2follow till!

@user-io2oq2lq3e says:

I hope I make profit this year

@user-zw3di6ud5e says:

Hi sir l want to ask l want to became you mentor to teach my how to trade l dind trade before do you ask any payment to join mendo.

@kabanjeernests2736 says:

Long time Daniel..

@larryjay3677 says:

Great video with a very educative content but what I've observe is that success don't come that easily, one must work extremely hard to make ends meet currently in this life.

@ugojohnson3689 says:

Can I still join with $70?

@alafasoft1509 says:

As there is no link for the strategy


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@gloryilufoye2580 says:

Can't wait to meet you on Saturday in Nigeria for FME….❤❤

@gloryilufoye2580 says:

Happy Birthday to you today Boss…. much Love. Long life to enjoy more TP with sweet PIPs

@Insight-9 says:

Shwo as your strategy

@Stizzy04 says:

Dope teacher, gives reliable and good info. KEEP IT UP BRO

@user-xu8cu2sq5b says:

Im just new to the forex world and I don't have even an account yet may you help me out sir


simple and easy to understand,,,you always explain the best

@riseupwarrior6675 says:

Hi, thank you for the lessons
But How do i choose a broker!

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