How to Set up the New Coinbase Wallet

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Join the CryptoDad as he goes through the initial setup of the Coinbase Wallet

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Reid Revelli says:

Great video, CryptoDad! Just thought I'd share with you (and your viewers) that the coinbase wallet does not currently support all erc20 tokens. I recently sent some polymath tokens over and they did not appear. I called coinbase support and they said they are not able to recover my polymath tokens. Also, they said they do not currently support all erc20 tokens and they recommend NOT sending any erc20 tokens to this wallet at this time, as they still are working on the infrastructure. Maybe you could make another video addressing this fact, if you are able to find the same info I have? Would be great info to share with your viewers 🙂

carlos says:

On varifing my account on coinbase to sell. i was not able because my passport is different from the country i live in. I'm a landed immigrant in Canada with a Portuguese passport, coinbase is not giving me much support. do you know how to fix this issue Crypto dad??
Please let your subscriber know about this issue…

saladin allah says:

What’s up? I’ve recently encountered an issue scanning QR code when transferring crypto from coinbase wallet to my Ledger Nano S.
Can you do a vid on this process?

michelle jacobs says:

Hi there crypto dad what do you do when you have a QR code

Angelina Angel says:

I am new here, i have a question, previously i won't about "coinbase wallet" but i use "coinbase" eth address to sent me erc20 token from someone, they sent erc20 token to my "coinbase" eth address, so now how can i transfer my erc20 token to my "coinbase wallet" address, i hope you answer me.

prettybaby80 says:

Quick question, I need both Coinbase apps? Correct? I already have the top one in the App Store. So confused

Rahul Tackiar says:

Hello from Australia sir, How you going? Just a quick question I do have chain link in wallet which I want to sell so I can get money in my bank account, can you please help me on that? Appreciate your time..cheers

Dee Daniels says:

I don't have to do 12 words? And I got this app???

CK * says:

Can you import feom paper wallets

Lei Tam says:

hello sir, i have a problem with my coinbase wallet.. can i have your email?

Magnus Hodge says:

Coinsfix ,com is the best site to buy and sell bitcoins .They got great service .

D G says:

Is this just as safe as the ledger ?

Simon Nguyen says:

Hi, after I transfer my coin to the wallet, how can i trade my coin?

Hassan Said says:

Hi I hope all is well,
I come across a problem where my facial recognition on my iphone was not able to detect and verify me on the coinbase wallet app. Since I had my recovery phrase written down. I decided to sign out and try to log in manually. after finding my 12 word phrase and entering it I was asked to write in a username. When i wrote my username for my wallet. It said account taken then i proceed to writing a different username which created a empty wallet. And every-time i sign out and enter the key phrase again it logs me into a new account can i still recover my crypto coins? please help me understand whats going on

Abhi Mattela says:

How can I recover my lost recovery phrase.

Terri Pattio says:

Coinbase customer support sucks and the ID verification process sucks big time. This video is no good for me. Can you tell me how you verified your identity?

M F says:

Hey can you tell me is there a regional restriction on coinbase wallet like coinbase exchange (eg. New York residents -can they hold these coins in the wallet unlike exchange has restrictions for certain Coins)

Cool Guy says:

So i followed the steps to send to the wallet and it never came through.. Any ideas?

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