How to Recognize a Scammer Profile on Localbitcoins

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A video tutorial of how to read a profile and recognize the signs the person is a scammer


Jake Beck says:

If they banned accounts that did this then the scammers will just make sure to do it properly, then they'll be even harder to spot. Thanks for the tip though

Andrew Beveridge says:

the biggest one – or used to be is do not trade on ebay as it is too easy to reverse and you always loose as a seller.

Andrew Beveridge says:

I have been a buyer for a couple of yrs and I second these tips – I will be going into tradin soon and have definately learned something here. thx

1acebooncoon says:

Thanks alot I have been thinking about buying on localbitcoins.I have bought a little from Virwox,but the fees are kind of steep

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