How to: Receive Bitcoin to your LocalBitcoins wallet

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A video guide that shows you how to find your receiving address and receive a Bitcoin transaction to your LocalBitcoins wallet.

Music: Bensound


Luis D. Colón V. says:

Hello, localbitcoin wallet can be used for mining payments (As external wallet payout)?

Mark Shulgasser says:

Too loud music is so annoying & obscures the narration. Had to listen 10 times.

Leila Gimarino says:

where to paste the link to get bitcoin?

Steven Burnett says:

How to cash out a vannila mastaercard

ghettotonsa says:

Hey, Can i buy bitcoins to my own wallet with cash with out making the transfer by my self true your bitcoin wallet?

javed ansari says:

how to recover old bitcoin address because my bitcoin address was changed . and my friend was send me btc on old bitcoin address. so please tall me how to recover old bitcoin address.

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