How to Rank #1 on YouTube to get more leads & clients! (5 Steps for Video SEO)

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Are you tired of your videos getting lost in the vast sea of content? Want to know the secret sauce to ranking #1 on YouTube and attracting those dream leads and clients? Well, buckle up, because this video is your golden ticket! 🎫

In this jam-packed video, I’m breaking down the 5 key steps to ranking numero uno on YouTube. Whether you’re in real estate, baking, Reiki, or anything in between, these insights are going to change the game for you. Here’s a taste of what’s inside:

The magic of capitalizing on AUTHORITY 🎩
How to create a flywheel effect with the YouTube algorithm 🌀
The importance of knowing your viewer and creating relevant content 🎯
The Sunny System: A proven method to skyrocket your rankings 🚀
Thumbnail secrets that make people click (Hint: Think thumbnail first!) 🖼️
And that’s just scratching the surface! Whether you’re a YouTube newbie or a seasoned pro, these strategies will help you generate leads, clients, and create a big impact on the folks who need you most.

Drop your title ideas in the comments below, share your biggest challenges, or just say hi! Your insights might just spark the next video.

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00:00 Intro
01:46 Authority and Leveraging YouTube
03:00 Free Advertising through Ranking #100
11:01 Understanding Viewer and Creating Relevant Content
14:45 Capitalizing on Authority and Generating Clients
11:33 The Sunny System and Velocity Explained
20:30 Thumbnail Importance and Optimization
24:16 Creating Peaceful, Purposeful, and Profitable Online Education Businesses


Sunny Lenarduzzi says:

Want to learn how to go from invisible expert to being able to scale your authority, income and impact using YouTube? Check out my Free Masterclass at

Kim12822 says:

Can you write in bolder larger writing on paper please. ❤️

You are awesome.

Brian Marckesano says:

What if I feel like asking somebody to leave a comment is frivolous and gimmicky. What is the purpose of leaving a comment besides boosting my videos rank?

MiMi's Art says:

So much greatness in such a short time…wow…thnx Sunny. Still working out some kinks for my channel and with my upcoming content.

you know with Marty Kauffman says:

Great video sunny

Kaz Olive says:

I help people heal from past trauma and create harmony in their lives using their own ability to practice energy healing techniques on themselves.
I am new to YouTube and usually use a Facebook group so unsure where to start. I like the ideas you have suggested to get ideas on topics and ideas. Thanks so much!

Theresa Mautner Perfect-Scoring SAT Tutor says:

I’m to just trying get good SAT videos out there. I wanted to focus on Math but then got requests tor Reading, which I’m an expert on also. My product is just tutoring or classes. My goal is just 10 students for tutoring at any one time. This is just a side hustle. I teach full time.

jakwath says:

I've been gone for a over year & was so glad to see Sunny show up in my recommended again. Thanks for the informative vid and Congrats on the plus one.

Sex, Music & Plants says:

This is where I get stuck. Wording and breaking down what i do.

Ross Bane says:

Woo awesome I love this

Ilse M. says:

Thank you so much for this video! It was so helpful

The Swedish Car Guy says:

Love this 😀
I am at rank number 1 at 2 searches 😀

Patricia Andrea says:

I'm just beginning again with my new channel 😀 In the past, I had another channel with my ex, and it worked pretty well also thanks to Sunny's course about YoutTube that unfortunately doesn't exist anymore. But I'm happy to be back watching her videos and learn again 🙂

5cotty says:

Thanks, Sunny!

Does anyone know if there is a recommended number of modules for a course?

So as not to discourage anyone.


Marcel Williams says:

sunny you are super helpful with these metrics

Theme Park Amusement says:

Sunny brings light to the darkest topics, shining bright, whether in season or out of season.

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