How To Mine Ethereum & Make Money 2021 Tutorial! (Setup In 10 Minutes Guide)

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Want to make money from Ethereum? I make $100 a day from mining Ethereum and in this tutorial I will show you how to get setup for beginners in less than 10 minutes.

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Making money with Ethereum is becoming easier because the price is going up. You can make more my mining the coin and it’s the most profitable coin to mine in 2021. You will need a GPU to do this or you will need a complete mining rig. Most tutorials for beginners are complicated so i want to show you a faster quicker way to get stared.

The first step is head over to a website called Minerstat and download the client to your computer. You can do this on mac or Windows. Once you have done this ,follow the steps I do in the video. This is the best way for beginners because you don’t need to mess with any code. You can start making money in less than 10 minutes.

I make about $100 a day mining Ethereum online and it’s a great way to make a side income. You should be able to make a little bit of money each day from mining Ethereum from your GPU.

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Kent Collins says:

Hi Frank, thank you so much for the tutorial I have just two problems; what di i do when it says mining client error and GPU error.
Thank you again sir for your help

ItsYaBoiShanx says:

Does this farming method work worldwide?


I am getting error, it’s showing offline and gpu error( not supported)

Abiola Esuola says:

My system is below 4gvram what can I do, it's giving error and not mining, what other coin can be mined

Quinn Brown says:

How do you start it

Jonathan Marshall says:

did anyone else have their windows command prompt come up? panicking a little bit Idk what to do

Joel Nelson says:

How often is it paid out? Did u say yours is monthly?

Aquarium Love says:

Unable to do mining

Tegan Yeet says:

I tried mining and my pc screen turned black

Stephen Araujo says:

How do you redeem the cash?

Matthew 25:40 says:

🙂 new sub here

Dusan Milosavljevic says:

Can someone please tell me do I need to have Nvidia or AMd grafic card in order to download sofwere?

Josef Madrid 111 says:

This will not work with a gaming laptop right ?

David B says:

Do you have a parts list of ur rig?

Garrett says:

I've been thinking about this for a bit. I think its time to take the plunge. Can you have more than one card per PC ?

Peter Wallace says:

Looks very complicated

Idle Galactic Miner says:

Dumb question I can use my coinspot wallet to pay into, as in the receiver code can be coinspot and no drama there?

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