How To Mine Cryptocurrency And Earn Profit! (Genesis Mining Sign Up Tutorial)

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Use code “cZfGba” and get 3% off every purchase on Genesis Mining!


CryptoNick says:

Use code "cZfGba" and get 3% off every purchase on Genesis Mining!

Chris&Nala says:

Nice Video 🙂 My Genesis Code qob2BG feel free to use 🙂

Nihal Bhat says:

hi nick what about difficulty increasing. Bitcoin's difficulty increase means it will be less profitable to mine going forward, if price corrects, it will be unprofitable. bitcoin's difficulty is more than tripling each year.

Riain Rising says:

Used your code to upgrade. I'm a newbie, thanks for the video.

Kenrick says:

How does the open ended Bitcoin mining contract work? If it's $1950 USD, am I paying that over the course of 1 year? How much am I paying and for how long is this contract?


x Meko says:

Kinda new to this thing, still doing some research and if everything keeps looking as green as now I will start with a 100usd on monday and see how things go. Will use your code, saved it on a sticky note, here's mine if anything : wvcRzx . Thanks!

Let'sPlay says:

Hey there, im having a bit of an issue, and wanted to know if you had gone through something similiar. Just purchased an ETH contract for 100MH, when i go to mining allocation, i clicked on ETH 100% and clicked save. a few minutes later i reclicked on mining allocation and it had reset to 100% BTC. Is there a reason for this? any explanation? thanks for any info in advance.

chad barcelo says:

im a really new and noob to bitcoin mining, how can i start doing this kind of stuff? do i need credit to start mining or i just need to register?

deepak bishoyi says:

Hi Nick ,

I am new to the whole crypto world. Loving it !! . Started my Genesis mining on 2017-06-15 . First purchase was for 1 MH/s of Ether Hashpower using your 3% promo. Will do more upgrades in future. Here's my promo code "8BxCHU" . Please feel free to use it in your next upgrades 🙂 . You Rock!!

greendeat401993 says:

Het man, thanks for all the help on the crypto world right now.. we really need people like you too help this community grow! I just upgraded a 1TH/s of bitcoin on genesis with your code 🙂 If you can help me grow too here's mine : gUPpls

hacktisch says:

Thanks for the video! Here is my code: Jpnmf6 I am gonna use your code soon!

Tariq Ghadban says:

Hey Nick, Thanks for the videos. I used your code Please use mine " URmi2h " . regards

R B says:

Hi I'm a little confused so that 2thash u bought for about $30, how long does it last ? and when will u make your money back ?

Cole Cornell says:

What time does genesis mining normally issue there payouts

Cole Cornell says:

Ok thanks for the help. I'll use your code later and will spend upwards of 1k

Cole Cornell says:

where do I find my code?

Cole Cornell says:

Oh cool how much percent extra do you get?

Cole Cornell says:

what do you get for us using your code?

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