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Learn how to make money with Pinterest in 2021! 🚫 No Ads! ✔️100% FREE! ✔️NO fluff ✔️NO B.S. ✔️NO Sales Pitch✔️ More FREE trainings link’d in the description!

Can you make money from Pinterest? Absolutely. But, most people get the marketing strategy WRONG because they are trying to take shortcuts. Truth is that shortcuts lead to long delays.

Real quick, the tool I used in the video to quickly make pinterest pins is snappa:

Part 2 of the free pinterest training is now live, here –

Ok, now you’re about to learn the right way to earn income from Pinning, here!

The first key is to realize that it isn’t just about getting traffic from your Pins but you need to build bridges from Pinterest topics to your blog posts, your email list and your offers.

The video covers the entire pin marketing strategy but in order to execute the strategy properly you need to have a few key foundational pieces in place.

First, you need to have a blog since pins are doors or bridges to your deeper dive content. If you don’t have a blog yet, this free post will show you how to setup your blog so Google falls in love with it –

Of course, having a blog with no content means you don’t have anything to pin… So you need to learn how to write blog posts that make money as explained in this video:

Now, if you don’t understand how affiliate marketing works you should watch this video next:

And if you haven’t found your niche you need to go through this process here:

That’s all foundational stuff for making money online and honestly, making money pinning REQUIRES you to understand ‘how the game works’ which is why all those links above are so relevant.

Now, in the video I mentioned that you will need to have a lead magnet and an autoresponder built out in order to execute the pinterest marketing strategy.

You can learn how to quickly create a high converting lead magnet that will work for your pins, here –

This is the key to making money online whether you are using Pinterest, blogging, YouTube or any other traffic source.

Growing your audience is the first main goal of your Pinterest marketing efforts.

Converting these audience members and Pinterest subscribers to your email list is the long-term goal because then you have a marketing channel where you can stay in touch with these visitors who expressed interest for long periods of time.

Then it is through the email marketing where you present your offers whether they are affiliate offers or your own products or services.

I call this the ATM strategy and if you’re not familiar with my ATM strategy I highly recommend watching this video next:

Most people who fail with Pinterest marketing and making money online do not have the correct strategy in place. They understand the tactics but when the tactics don’t reflect a proven strategy, nothing will work long term.

if you would like to get my entire Pinterest moneymaking strategy in blog format go here:

I hope this is helpful for you with your online business and I wish you all of the best success pinning for profit!

Miles Beckler


Miles Beckler says:

Be sure you copy and save the text in the description of this video. I link to ALL of my free trainings and free tutorials on YouTube that teach you the specifics in how this all works!

shahriar minaee says:

Hey I'm one of your big fans.i have a question. Is relationship a good topic to get a good traffic on pinterest same as foods and traveling niches?

Heather Hope says:

sweet thanks for this

Tim Armstrong Marketing says:

Please make the follow up video!

Scott Ward says:

I'd love the follow up video!

Todd Smith Real Estate Investing says:

Yes, please create the nuts and bolts video

Charles Bell says:

Yes please!,

Tullo David says:

Yes I want that

basilis arta says:

Yes do it, please.

Bill Haynes says:

Assuming I will have a website/blog up and running live, how long does it take, typically, to see financial results with this? The wolves are closing in!!

Robert L Lawrence Jr says:

Yes, Please. I would like to see the followup video

IE Marketing says:

Question – how do you increase traffic to a pin?

IE Marketing says:

God bless you Miles, thank you for helpful free content!

demah abdullah says:

Everyone says Pinterest is fast traffic source but in fact its not anymore

Thanks for this video

SkiZzO says:

Yes lets go with the vid

Nathan B says:

Thank you! Aliexpress/Oberlo alternatives for fast shipping?

G Morgan says:

More, please! Clueless here. People like & follow on P and I have no idea WHY. Or how to do it again & again.
Etsy tells me folks come to my shop from P, but I don't see it.

Success with Stacee says:

Great information!

Siara Studio says:

Thank you so very much for bringing up Pinterest!!! It is an overlooked yet powerful platform and for some reason, not many people talk about it. It's like a secret weapon for content creators haha!

Influence Magnet says:

Oh ! I forgot to tell you that I really liked the video and subscribed to your channel. It is have a treasure of knowledge. Only thing is to put that into practice which I am hopeful.

Influence Magnet says:

I really appreciate the way you have explained in plain terms. loved it. very useful.

David Lumley says:

Yes please, do the video.
I found this very interesting and informative. Thank you for your enthusiasm too.
Regards Dave

Corey Davis says:

Yes need that follow up

Ripster says:

Hi Miles, Thanks for the video. Could you please suggest to me a product that 14-24-year-old students who have a passion to study better will buy?

Books are all that I could think of, it generated sales but one can't probably write posts on books alone, right?

P.S. I've been asking doubts for a long time here on different accounts would be great if you could answer this one. Thanks!

Kristin Delgado says:

This is fantastic!! Sharing this with my gamer son…

Dylan Sigley says:

Everyone's sleeping on Pinterest! can't wait to see the next video drop.

Roberto Rodrigues says:

Yes bring on that techy video!

Pets & Puppies says:

Please let's have d video follow up

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Yes would like follow up thanks

The work at home graduate says:

Yes please do provide the technical method.

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