How To Make MILLIONS In Cryptocurrency….By Lying To People! (Ryan Hildreth Bitconnect)

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There are a lot of people who don’t care about crypto and simply want to make money ripping other people off! Be very careful of anyone who is pushing something that has a referral system!

If you have any questions about Bitconnect, Ryan Hildreth, or any of the other Bitconnect scammers, please leave a comment below.


Crypto Jedi says:

Ryan Hildreth, The Bitconnect "Bro".

crypto-world says:

hey crypto….the guy is a con….trump´s lawsuits goin to contract im too bee the hand from trump´s….lololol

Nathalie Boisvert* says:

hello My Crypto world Evolution robot is now closed. All my coins are in Bittrex. Do I have to transfer all cryptos for example 2GIVE in BTC or ETH to transfer them in Quadrigacx ( canadian ) .. Many thanks. I am very lost. need help . Is ther an easiest way to do it.
I am willing to call you if you want.

Mr Maestro 87505 says:

Thank you for exposing that POS

Dane's World says:

you have good genuine content. Appreciate your honesty sir

Vincent d says:

You have said something wrong. CryptoNick does not know what a public key is. You said private key ^^

djorkaef says:

0.37% per day is not 0.37% * 365 = 135% per year. The profit is reinvested every day. That means: 1.0037^365 = 385% per year. That is not a 35% real profit, but a 285% real profit. How can you not know that?

Luis Peralta says:

Thanks for keeping it real man!!

JonKingPromotions says:

Salty you sound, young Padawan.

Omar Ghosn says:

I had my doubts about cloud mining and got into it when Zcash came out…at the start their hashrates were less than 20 sol/s
Which is comical…within only a few weeks, I had 1 GPU making 5-6 times that and I was just a noob. I tried contacting them and asked…"If you are using the same GPUs as us, why hasnt your hashrate increased to match that of the market?" … no responses. I was lucky in that the market BOOMED and zcash after its initial crash went up significantly.

Christien Sebastien says:

This video is nothing but FUD. Bitconnect to the moon.

Christien Sebastien says:

Hildreth is NOT going to be allowed to keep that money. You cannot profit from ponzi schemes, even if you didn't know it was a ponzi scheme. His stuff is going to get taken away.

Christien Sebastien says:

5:51 when you try to ironically prove a point about video editing and then don't sync up the sound like the guy you're making fun of lol

3v1lpl0x says:

JEDI the new doug polk crypto?

Envious Fred says:

Serial scammer. Ferrari by 26, jail by 29.

MSK MSK says:

Ryan is pure scum.

Crypto stARBurst says:

It was Public Key not Private Crypto Nick stumbled on…

Dave B says:

If that compounds thats a very different number. I thought those sites always said it compounds which is unrealistic.

an237251 says:

Great video.!! I am a subscriber of ryan. I used to watch alll his videos about his ad agency but once he got into crypto and bitconnect i realized this guys is just in it to make a quick buck. He doesn’t care about his subscribers or his business.

NugLoker says:

God I luv these vids! Expose the hell and put these scammers on blast! Hildreth is actually the worst shiller scammer of them all. He knows nothin but scamming. I’d love to fight him

Kevin Richardson says:

Well hashflare f#*ked me hard hashflare is as nasty as it gets

john jackson says:

i was tricked to download his 498 dollar course from reddit for free, what a waste of my time, it was garbage no info. just fly over simple things that a 7 year old would know

john jackson says:

lol both of his shit courses are so shit i swear a video on youtube has better info, if you dont belive me download his courses for free in reddit, not worth a free download absolute garbage

CoinData Center says:

No Americans can take advantage of Crypto Markets because we are not free to do so but all the innovation and USD's are flowing to other countries who can run ICO's and take advantage of all the technology. All the gambling sites are offshore all the programming headed to India, I am happy that a few Americans got some of the money, however, sad it was a scam. I do not think they ran the scam and they could have been scammed themselves. I do not think they are responsible for the scam.


Ryan makes Darth Vader look tame lol!

Events Crypto says:

I experimented with Hashflare. The Hashflare platform has been operating well, and it appears to be a legitimate business; however, the Bitcoin mining difficulty has been increasing so rapidly that you may not get a full return on investment. In 3 months, my projected return, which looked sexy in the beginning, has been cut in half. With 9 months to go, I MIGHT get my initial investment back.

I caution new users from entering the mining space.

See the link below. Review the mining difficulty increase at the bottom of the page:

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