How to Make 10K a Month In Only 1 Hour Per Day

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This video reveals how I’d make $10k a month if I was starting over and only had 1 hour per day to build passive income from an online business. Resources mentioned are in the description 👇

The first big decision you have to build an online business to 10k/mo is what niche you’re going to focus on.

If you haven’t figured this out yet, here’s my video training that will help you to find a profitable niche in 1 hour or less, guaranteed!

If you’d prefer to read this info, you can get it all in my Niche Navigator book on Kindle for $0.99 here:

Once you know what niche you’re going to be of service to, you need to build out the foundation for your online business which includes your landing pages and your email system.

This post on my site shows you how to set up your email list and grow it for free:

There are several approaches you can take for traffic.

First is blogging, which is tight on 1 hour per day but it is possible. This post teaches you how to setup your blog on the cheap:

The other option which uses way less time (helping you really dial in that 1 hour per day approach) is running Facebook ads, which is explained in this video here:

From here, it’s all about embracing email marketing because your email list in this online business model is your distribution system.

Here are 3 of my best free videos that teach you how to become an email marketer, fast:

This is the full email marketing course that’s 100% free here on YouTube:

Definitely start with this email marketing video above, first!

This video goes deeper into what you can/should send out in your emails as you start emailing your list more:

This video is all about automated email follow up series’ (often called autoresponders)

That’s it for this one… Hope you enjoy.

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@AffJoshuaJames says:

For FB ads, would we run for Leads or for Sales as a conversion? I assume leads but if we are selling a low ticket product on the landing page…

@Shassys_Walkabout says:

Thanks Miles… I am the opposite, I have time, but ZERO disposable income (on disability)…I’ve found my niche…which isn’t just one thing…well…it is one thing for me, but is showing up to be a little more of one niche, but I believe it falls in together. My biggest struggle is figuring out the email list, and folllow up. (I use mail chimp, it fits in with my wordpress site I’ve had for ten years.). Any suggestions, let me know, but either way I’ll keep digging and teaching myself. I’m doing it all organically. @MilesB

@thescubageek says:

Nich Nich Nich. Look it up

@amiguez1363 says:

Hey Miles, thank you for your great content!
I have one question: Do blogging still works? Or people is switching more and more to video content like TilTok or YouTube?

@rasalresid9147 says:

I am doing dropshipping and I like it because it demands few work hours per week. It's not like I am making millions and millions, but I am very happy with my income because it's like one to two hours per day. I just used products from winnerzila, and for example last month I had 12000$ profit. I started eight months ago.

@calbrucey4722 says:

Miles it is hard to get my hands on products and I don’t really own any that I can review. Do you think using AI to write review content on products and then optimising it and making it unique and proofreading it is an effective way of writing posts without owning them ? If not do you have any ways I can do this without having the product

@user-sb9xk9or1j says:

Motivating video, thanks! $10k/month will be life-changing 🙂

@fledglingMarketer says:

Another banging video!

You provide so much value in your videos it is amazing!

Thank you!!


@chazlevine1468 says:

1%! Grinding with patience.

@00Roobs says:

Hey Miles, Im still going through your courses but had a question that another YTuber mentioned. Was the email marketing rules coming in Feb, is this mentioned in your courses. Want to take the 1st step now before finishing the course

@coachdave8200 says:

Miles, I was thinking of doing both paid and free traffic. I have a blog I have been working on and I want to start running FB ads to the blog posts which would have a lead magnet and I also want to run ads for an affiliate product which I would be using to build my customer list and email list. What do you think?

@anthonyrude says:

When you said you need an email service provider … I think you meant autoresponder. You can't hook up a landing page with an ESP.
But you need an ESP to connect to an autoresponder. But they are two totally different things. Most beginners are confused by this.

@RCFurnishHomes says:

Have a question the question is when creating landing pages I'm a genius at getting leads and everything but for years I cannot close the sales can you explain to me why? And how can I contact you.

@EnElPublishingWashington says:

Thanks for the timely information and emphasizing time saving as much as possible in your business!

@randeejones2322 says:

Your videos always come at the exact right time that I need them Miles. Thank you for this, it was a great overview on the entire process! Side note, I'm on day 41 of my own 90-day YouTube challenge! Let's keep it moving!!!

@ZerotoCourseHero says:

Awesome content!!!

@miloud.kermache says:

Thank you so much for your insightful content! Your videos have been a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration for me. I appreciate the effort you put into creating such quality content. Keep up the fantastic work

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