How To Look Hot W/ No Makeup On | EXTREME Makeover Transformation! ❤️

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Microdermabrasion kit:

When I first started filming this video, I was feeling extremely unmotivated and honestly kind of ugly. Being inside and isolated all day is hard. I decided to get eye lash extensions, a treatment similar to micro stroke microblading on my eye brows, I did a hair Botox treatment, I got my hair colored and corrected, I put on my rings, earrings, and a cute outfit, shoes, and bag….and I felt like 1M bucks! Love your body at every stage..even the “before” stage. Don’t compare yourselves to others, and try to keep your thoughts positive.

Hair Botox:
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Ivanna Garcia says:

Dying to get your lip plumper!!

pachu genia says:

I need that, but that machine is too expensive for me

Ειρήνη Κακλέα says:

do NOT use this face machine thing! ive used one very similar to this before and it bruised my face so bad to the point that i wouldnt leave the house for a week

Deathh HHANGEL says:

No matter what you do you will be never ugly

Prajakta Doshi says:

Hey alana do not brush your hair when they are wet. Becoz wet hair has week roots. This way u will lose so many hair. You can use comb with bigger gaps.

Alisha Khan says:

She keeps saying she got something "similar" to microblading but not quite but doesn't say what it was called??? I've been into microblading but the idea of it being more "shallow/gentle" appeals to me so If anyone knows what she got done, can you please let me know?

andrew parker says:

Hey Alana
I’m so sorry I haven’t kept up with your videos but we have been homeless and as of tomorrow we are going to have no where to sleep I’m so depressed I won’t even eat. Alana your videos have been amazing. I have been is severe pain I don’t know if I can do this anymore and I trust you because you I know you truest understand what I’m feeling Alana.

Boglárka Vaka says:

Giiirl wait is the lipplumper the carmex-cinnamon oil combo?


Girl your eyebrows fireeeeeee

Polly Parvanova says:

I see all those microderm comments.. I also bought a similar product like that yrs ago cause it was all over yt (I think it was PMD Microderm or something) I ended up using it 5 times the most and recently got rid of it.. most skincare professionals even say that electrical cleansing brushes are a big no-no ..

Molly Sims says:

No joke, I had so much fun watching this video. I felt like I was just hanging out with a close friend and helping you get ready. Also, you feeling yourself made me laugh so hard, so relatable and so fun!!

EsJames says:

Why spend 25k on a new nose when a less than $25 cream bronzer can contour it?
Trust me, you have a nose some kpop idols would kill for lol

Kyla Gibson says:

Girl!!! HOW are you getting your hair so thick???

DJ Wafflez says:

Legit thought you were Taylor Hill ngl

I II says:

I wish she’d make all her hair the color of her roots

I II says:

Girl get that filler dissolved and just get a nose job! I got one and it was super chill not painful at all. At least for just shaving the bridge.

I II says:

you don’t watch hyrem or dr dray on YouTube? You really should if you’re interested in skincare

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