How To Grow Your Audience In 90 Days Without Paid Ads!

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Free Course Reveals The #1 Best Marketing Strategy To Grow Your Audience Fast – The 90 Day Challenge.

You are about to learn the number one trick to successful content marketing on a budget.

In today’s world, those who have an audience are winning and those without an audience are failing.

If you don’t have an audience of people who know you, like you and trust you then your business does not have the support system needed to flourish.

This video teaches you exactly what you need to do in order to grow your audience fast with a 90 day marketing challenge.

Before starting this training you should already know your niche.

If you have not yet chosen your niche, be sure you watch the “How To Choose A PROFITABLE Niche” training first!

The benefits of organic search engine marketing are massive with the lifetime traffic you can create through publishing great content…

We all must start somewhere and I recommend starting with a 90 day challenge because it gets you through the learning curve fast.

As you get going with your 90 day challenge you might hit a point where you feel like no one is finding your content… Be sure you watch this video next that gives some perspective on what you can expect based on the numbers, subscribers, viewers, etc. from a 90 day challenge:

Once you choose your main medium of communication which is explained how to in the video, you will need to get started on that platform…

To make sure you have everything you need to get your content marketing challenge started effectively I have some deep dive resources for free for you here:

If you are going to write your 90 day challenge like my wife did to scale her business fast, you will need to get a blog set up…

I have a 100% free training that will teach you exactly how to setup your blog, with step-by-step instructions here –

For this you will need basic WordPress hosting :

I’ve broken down the entire process of starting, launching and scaling a YouTube video 390 day challenge in this “how to YouTube” post –

If you choose to do your challenge with podcasting, this blog post walks you through all of the most basic podcasting gear and steps to get your podcast launched:

below are additional relevant trainings and videos… None of these are required! But I wanted to be sure you had the right resources needed available

If you had questions or challenges with any step in the process as described in the core training video above, you should be able to reference deeper dive videos into each subtopic to the links below.

Again, you do not need to watch all of these videos below, this is simply a handy reference for more information if you want to go deeper on any one specific subject.

One of the biggest questions people have is “what topics do I create content on?”

There are many tools that help us look inside of the search engine data to find out exactly what your audience is searching for

Keyword Research

This is my number one recommended keyword research tool

I show you how to use this tool in this keyword research video here:

For a 100% Free Keyword Research Tool & Process, watch this video:

This video reveals How To Brainstorm Your Main Categories & Specific Topics as shown in the video

Next you need to become a master of SEO & Content Creation.

SEO is search engine optimization and that’s how you make sure your content ranks and gets found by your audience when they are searching

Learn SEO Master Class –

Then you will need to learn how to speed up the process… Because creating content every day can be lengthy and you want to make sure you know exactly ow to write great SEO content fast –

If you are blogging you must be sure that you take a moment and set up your Sitemap and Google Search Console –

Once your content is getting published regularly and you are comfortable with the process it’s important to begin the email marketing phase.

Now I share exactly how to build a landing page to start growing your email list for free in this blog post here

But honestly, you need to make sure you’re getting momentum with your content marketing and your 90 day challenge before ever going into this world of email marketing.

I just wanted to be sure you have access to the info when you need it.


Miles Beckler says:

If you have questions about this video or the 90 day challenge… Be sure to READ THE DESCRIPTION! I spent over an hour making sure the description is super valuable and detailed with all the relevant posts/videos you'll need to DOMINATE your 90 day challenge!

Owen Cooper says:

Hi, Miles as you have mentioned numerous times in your videos that you hated writing articles and preferred making Youtube videos. I am the same and do not want to earn money with a WordPress website I want to do it with a YouTube channel as you have done. So when are you going to do a course on making money with YouTube? Your last email said you have " over 7 million views and 135,000 subscribers!", I want to learn how t to do that not write a blog.

aldean fenton says:

Looking forward to this Miles!

Robert Archie says:

Its always fun waiting for something new

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