How to get started in My Paying Ads ?? STEP BY STEP

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This video shows you how to get started in My Paying Ads

There is no better time to join then now.

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SAURAB says: join this program and you will get 500 points for free in pre launch , and the convert it to btc 0.025 btc for free and buy ad packs

Harley Ferguson says:

I don't have any money right now on mypayingads, how do I get money on there to buy pack?? in order to $25 dollars of adpacks I have to be a member so should I start with $5 or pay the membership and the adpacks??

Roland Mallinson says:

an absolute legend is an understatement for you Gavin.

Mista Jay says:

Hi Ng Gavin, how can I get hold of the mpa 2.0 calculator?

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