How To Get More Traffic FAST (7 Steps To Get 10K Traffic In 30 Days)

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This video will show you how to get more traffic to your website, and go from 0 to 10,000 visitors in 30 days with…

1- No money for ads
2- No email list
3- No social following
4- No hope

In the video you’ll see exactly how Julien does it step-by-step.

In internet land Julien is what we like to call “a noob.”

He’s a dance teacher who has no knowledge of growing websites.

Yet he still got 10k traffic to his new site in 30 days. Yikes!

You could sit in your home office twiddling your thumbs, waiting for the day Forbes feature you on their homepage.

OR you could just follow a strategy we like to call: DO WHAT JULIEN DOES (aka “the DWJD strategy”)

Follow the 7 simple steps Julien uses in this video.

This is your golden ticket to the traffic factory.


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Arda Ertas says:

Full of theories, no results, nothing actionable. Waste of 18 minutes. You'd be better off watching cat videos.

Vũ Trương Channel says:

Video nice,come back,tks

Josh Kohlbach says:

3:55 Kah-gen? Sounds like a delicious chicken dish … Chris, you should have just done the VO yourself mate 😀

Paul Bass says:

I am totally watching this again.

David Sicherman says: is a parked domain now, so in the past 3 years Julian didn't follow up and his site died. Poor Julian.

Peter Barlow says:

Nice vid! Very interesting! I especially liked your pronunciation of Dumas (Dumbass) and Kagan (Kajan) hehe

chris von wilpert says:

Need help growing your website traffic? Drop a comment below with your biggest traffic challenge and I'll answer it 🙂

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