How to Earn Bitcoins with My Paying Crypto Ads Start Up Tutorial

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Crypto-Currency Revenue Sharing program. Earn more Bitcoins with the purchase of AdPacks and by surfing 10 ads every 24 hours. The Biggest and most stable rev share on the planet.


Aaron Tiananga says:

Hi There, I have just joined up under you. I am about to purchase my add packs. Looking forward to learning a lot from you.

Chrome Bistogan says:

There's no free now? in plan 1? why i can't buy it.

Nura Mohd says:

my question is that if I start with any amount e.g $200 everyday I have to add in new $200 or my earning plus $200 that already bought adspack is inside the system so I will use it to buy new addspack the next day ?

B- RATHORE says:

Hi… suppose if I start with 0.04 btc 40 ad packs…and compound for 60 days continuously repurchase ad packs.. thn how much time it will take to recover my seed money {0.04 btc}

Arlet Aramian says:

Since I'm a total newbie here, a dumb question: where did you get your original BTC to start? I just purchased BTC at Coinbase. Can I use those?

Vanguardia MLM says:

Buen video qué bien que compartes sin duda estaremos viendo los próximos videos

Sam Manning says:

im reluctant to join because I was involved with traffic monsoon bassically the same model. Any clarification? lost money cause of their closure too

Paul Osaghae says:

i have click on ur link it didnt bring ehann3 it brought powerleadman ( i hope that your ref link

Paul Osaghae says:

i have click on ur link it didnt bring ehann3 it brought powerlead……………some tin i hope that your ref link

Bartosz Kowalski says:

My first banner wont work? I just keeps loading? Ive followed the video step my step to the point of submitting the 1st banner?

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