How to Create a Localbitcoins Account – Localbitcoins SignUp | Verification (Tutorial)

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Video Title: How to Create a Localbitcoins Account – Localbitcoins SignUp | Verification:Tutorial


LocalBitcoins has been around since 2012, connecting Bitcoin buyers and sellers on an open, peer-to-peer marketplace. There are plenty of reasons to recommend Local Bitcoins as a secure and easy-to-use trading platform. In this Local Bitcoins Review, I’ll explain what I like about Local Bitcoins and how you can benefit from using the platform.

Local Bitcoins is a place where you can meet other people interested in buying and selling Bitcoins. As such, you should use caution when selecting traders to conduct a transaction with. While Local Bitcoins has measures in place to make sure you’re not ripped off, filing a complaint can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Local Bitcoins is different from other exchanges because it’s not a trading exchange. When you set up an account at the major exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, or Bitstamp, you link your bank account directly to their trading platform to fund your buy and sell commands. In exchange for facilitating your trades, these exchanges charge transaction fees.

Local Bitcoins is different. Let’s say you want to buy some Bitcoins on Local Bitcoins. First, you create an account and a wallet on Local Bitcoins, but you don’t connect your bank account information to Local Bitcoins directly. Instead, you search for other users who have Bitcoins and want to sell them to you.

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Jeanpearl Llamas says:

Is the email add you put in there is the email u use ,and the password you put in is for the bitcoin account?? Or the password you enter is the password in ur email ?? Please help me im struggling on creating a bitcoin account, its always said that the email is already in use

Kamran Naseer says:

Ca you please tell me if i hadnt verify identity so is it possible to buy?

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