How To Choose A PROFITABLE Niche – Part 1 – 100% Free!

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100% FREE Course! – NO B.S. – NO Sales Pitch! Learn how to choose a niche for starting an online business. Watch Now! For my blog post that shows how to find your niche, go here:

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Hey, I’m Miles Beckler and this video originally was a part of my private membership program and it’s based on my experience helping hundreds if not thousands of entrepreneurs choosing their niches to start online businesses.

today you are getting full access to my niche selection process in order to get you focused in on who you are able to help and what you are going to help them with through your online business.

This process of selecting a niche is often the most difficult step for new Internet entrepreneurs.

You are getting the most effective tools and resources I’ve ever found in order to help you get your business growing as fast as possible.

This is the second free training I have released from inside of the Miles Beckler membership. the first training released was the “fast track to making money online” course you can see here:

If the big picture idea of niche marketing still does not make sense to you, be sure to read this post:

For further support and additional techniques in learning how to choose a niche, read this post:

Once you have completed this video and all of the niche selection exercises you have learned, you may want to watch my niche example videos where I look into some brilliant niche examples here:

If you are focusing on affiliate marketing, I review 13 great niche affiliate websites in this video here:


And let me know if you like these premium internet marketing trainings…

-Miles “Here To Help” Beckler


Miles Beckler says:

Update – I just published a new blog post that reveals my "5-Minute Niche Finder" trick… It'll help you find a niche in minutes! Check it out here:

Favour Afolabi says:

Thanks a million for these great ideas!

Harloh no says:

What if the niche has over 500k followers in its subreddit and facebook groups (combined) but there aren't any active forums just for the niche? is it still viable?

Issam GNI says:

I have a question, how to find niches on amazon, for example on full directory store on amazon we found electronics and then inside the electronics we found car and photo, gps, headphones etc… so in this case the niche is "electronics" or "car and photos" is the niche ?
2-one this step is completed, how to search on reddit, the same example , should we search about subreddit "electronics" or subreddit "car and photos" subreddit "gps" etc..

hashim khreisat says:

yes ur right but what if ur 20 and u don't have any experiences I hope u can help me I just what to be independent

Abby K says:

Would this be too small of a niche, camping in just a certain state?

Michikoken Velasco says:

Is the 3 ways to prune your list on 50:33,is a 3 step process or 3 different ways to do it?

Business Guide says:

Your channel definitely deserves my subs!

Yared Solomon says:

Miles one question which I always thought about blogs. Lets say I identify niche and keyword and start to write on the blog. Do we write about that specific keyword on that blog always or we can write about other similar keywords and products? For example can one blog contain content and products about weight loss, fitness and similar topics with products?

Web Designers Miami says:

wow. this is really great information. my biggest mistake before was getting into niches that were to flooded. THANKS!!

Mark Curran says:

Wow!, this is like a What Color is Your Parachute for Ecommerce. Great video. Thank you so much for providing this content for free!! I am in the exploratory phase of choosing my next direction. I wanted to do Ecommerce with a product based business, but my Facebook advertising account was shut down for absolutely no discernable reason…on my very first advertisement. Despite repeated requests to point out the violation of their advertising policies, they just shut my advertising account down. It was extremely discouraging after having put some months of research into that avenue, finally pulling the trigger, then just a little over a month of work to build my first website, which I was extremely proud of, finally getting to the starting gate and having the rug pulled out from underneath me by Facebook, shutting my advertising account down without providing an explanation, because nothing in my content was illegal, immoral, political, or controversial. It was a real slap in the face, but perhaps the universe's guidance to choose a different direction. Now I am exploring affiliate marketing and I am glad I came across your video, it is immensely helpful in the process of choosing a new direction. I am doing the work, it is taking a long time for me to get through this first video, and I will be sure to watch it at least one more time.

Femi Shedrack says:

Mr miles ,pls how do I know if a niche is too competitive?

Aephemerial says:

Update about the Faebook Transparency Page – you can no longer see their active running ads.
You can only see "This Page is currently running ads." no Go To Ad Library Menu

peter hubbard says:

Its content creators like Miles Beckler that really make a difference. If it wasn't for him I would have chalked affiliate marketing up to scam artists and "fake news" but now I really feel I have a chance to make a difference. Thanks for the inspiration Miles, you the man!

Rohan Shrestha says:

Is it a good idea to start a blog in travel niche?

Eddy Aruda says:

how do I review products if I have no money?

HiveofIndustry says:

Hey, Miles. Wanted to give you a heads up that I'm having an issue with all of the links in your courses ( are seemingly broken. Could this be a browser setting on my end? I'd like to figure it out as the dodgy links make it hard to seamlessly follow along.

The Real Somm says:

So …. A2 and not Bluehost now? Correct?

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