How to calculate Genesis Mining profit – Bitcoin Mining Profitability Calculator

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Julia Sims says:

I researched a lot about mining and then finally decided to invest in bitcoin market. It was very risky move, because the market got so competitive. But, I put my trust into Genesis Mining and that was the best finance decision ever! I signed my contract a year ago and I get profit on regular basis. Of course the stock market affects but its normal. Genesis Mining is the company for all of us who don’t have enough knowledge but would like to take part in profitable mining.

Randy R says:

this video is inaccurate you make less then half of the calculated profit in that site, regardless of difficulty.

Prince Raj says:

Just tell me one thing….why didnot u calculate the upfront fee…. the real earnings are low compared to these shown in the video… right….dont get me wrong …. but this is kinda weird… bcoz u also know that there is an upfront fee for contracts…..

Hang Tat Choi says:

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Ludanga Buddanga says:

Sounds great. Save 3% off on your order, use genesis mining promo code: 21Us4q
I will use your promo code in return.

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Eddy Lim says:

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LonelySeagull says:

Thanks for the Video man!
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