How To Buy/Sell Bitcoins On LocalBitcoins

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🚨LocalBitcoins (aka LBC):

LocalBitcoins is P2P Bitcoin exchange with the largest network in the world. Here you can find Bitcoin buyers/sellers on the ground in more than 240 countries and exchange bitcoins in your chosen way. It is also an escrow platform so the chances of fraud are less unless you do a mistake. And this exchange is especially important for people living in third world countries like Iran, Iraq, etc where they don’t have proper exchanges to buy/sell bitcoins.

In this video I have quickly covered:

-Short Intro of what is LBC and countries they serve?
-Login & Walkthrough of Homepage
-How to choose buyer/seller-Reputation overview
-How to buy BTC on LBC?
-How to Sell BTC on LBC?
-Covered Anonymous way of buying BTC in short.
-Introduced LBC forum option.
– LBC Wallet

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