How To Buy RIPPLE [on BIttrex, Poloniex, Coinpayments]

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How to buy Ripple

Here are some of the links I mentioned in the video:

Coinpayments :




Gate Hub :

Coinomi [phone app wallet]

Reddit forum:

🔑A MUST HAVE : SAFEST WALLET (hardware, offline)
►Ledger Nano S (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, Strat, PIVX and many more):


JmansFragments says:

bro you have so muchhhhh everything


does Binance serve as a wallet as well?

Qiza Production says:

I need help, how can I convert ripple to BTC or ETH in coinpayments, I can convert BTC to ripple but I can't find a way to convert ripple to another crypto there, please help me, thank you

Daryll Kristoffer Aromin says:

Hello sir OJ where can i buy ripple from Philippines

WhiteArtsMagic says:

As bitcoin goes up in value, what if ripple does not go up just stays around the same. Ripple is worth less bitcoin. Does that mean my ripple is worth less in general as bitcoin gets more expensive? I dont really like that this deals with xrp in btc value. Why not xrp in UDS? Looks like as BTC goes up, but if ripple is not also going up, its worth less in BTC

Сергей Якимов says:

делай порусски- подпишусь

Aldi Palucio says:

HI be aware once you buy ripple on Bittrex you may be not able to move your Ripple to any wallet you will not have the freedom to move your coin it may be the same with other coins just don't do any business with Bittrex i am a beginner on all this i wish somebody posted this before i put my money on Bittrex just be careful don't waste your money with them also there is not costumer service you can not contact them not even by email there email doesn't work.

Kelly Bryan says:

Hi OJ, I tried to wd some BTC from my poloniex account, what i thought was to my copay wallet, it shows the withdraw as approved June 12, but the deposit has been siting in an Awaiting Approval dated June 17. It is appearing anywhere though…can you give me some advice…did I just lost my btc. Thank you 🙂

nomy23DH says:

Can you buy rippled with just a credit/debit or bank account instead of trading?

Yahia Hallaq says:

how can i withdraw ripple from coinpayments wallen, when i withdraw it says done then it cancell it

tally o'brien says:

I am saying that this Guy is as genuine as it gets online. NO ulterior motives believe me!!

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