How to buy bitcoins on

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This video gives you step by step instructions on how to buy bitcoins on

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John Gonad says:

Really great platform back then but, not so anymore.. Similar platform like this is paxful and basically beating them at some angles. Since there are plenty of scammers on this site, hope they can fix it.

Precious Rubilyn says:

Well, I just registered 2 days ago and sold bitcoins yesterday. It would be a problem to choose me since I only have 1 transaction. Just trying to learn and hopefully sell more later. Oh well…

Lori Favela says:

Good video, now I can buy bitcoins

Dian Muñoz says:

Man I wish I was back then where 1BTC= USD350~

Sandra Shakeel says:

Kindly make a video tutorial on "How to Sell BTC on" step-by-step guidelines from start to end "How to Post a Trade" and brief its all options of the page like "Trade type, Location, Currency, Margin, Price equation, Min. transaction limit, Max. transaction limit, Restrict amounts to, Opening hours, Terms of trade etc.

Because No one has made this type of video as yet. There is no video on as well as on the selling of bitcoins through are a lot of video regarding buying BTC from,

Hueseyin Guendogan says:

Is it not possible that the other one does not send the bitcoins to you, even if you have paid ??

Bkz81 says:

Is this cheaper than coinbase?

No more says:

I want bitcoines
How to buy

Yassen Nateil says:

What is the reference message for? perhaps i wanna pay using western union, how do i use it?

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